Today is my last day here at WarpPortal/Gravity and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the great experiences! Being a community manager here has taught me a lot and given me plenty of fond memories to look back on. I’m moving on to a new adventure, but RO will …
ROrose (12 of 13)
My Ragnarok Online cosplay is underway, and this week I tackle the time consuming applique parts of the costume!
ROarmormakingpt1 (11 of 14)
Work on my Ragnarok Online Swordsman costume continues! I’ve started to construct some of the armor pieces of the costume out of craft foam and Worbla. New to armor making? This method is very easy!
RO Patterning (1 of 10)
I’m making a Swordsman costume from Ragnarok Online! Want to make this cosplay too? Check out my work in progress photos here for some tips! This week I am working on patterning out the fabric parts of the costume and creating a mock-up to test it out.
Jawaii Header
Jawaii’s release is approaching fast! Now that testing has begun, let’s take a look at some of what will be released this summer!
Curious to see what sort of creatures will be inhabiting the new Jawaii? Take a look at some of the artwork for the monsters who you will face off with in several months!
More concept art for the new region in RO2 is rolling in from our development team! See the concepts for the town area of Jawaii!
For the players of Ragnarok Online, the place known as Jawaii has a special meaning associated with marriage and honeymooning in game. RO2 revisits this magical place in an upcoming addition to the game. A lot has changed!
March Platinum Costume and Accessory Boxes are coming! This month’s new costume is the “Warrior School Uniform” set!
Render by Millefleurs
If you needed proof of just how great the RO2 community’s art skills are, look no further than our loading screen contest entries!