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Greetings Midgardians,

Due to unforeseen circumstances; our ticketing tools and webpages may be experiencing some issues. We ask for a bit more of your patience throughout this time as we work on a fix!

Thank you for your understanding~


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Limited Time Pumpkin Spice and Bonus Points Delights!



Greetings Players! 


We are excited to announce that from October 26th to October 31st, we are having a Special Bonus Point Transfer Event!! This will be a one-time 15% Bonus when you transfer Warpportal Points to your game accounts; so make it count!  This Pumpkin Spice and Bonus Points Delights Event also applies to Steam Users when you purchase WP points for the game of your choice!


Warpportal Conversion Bonus Chart:

Straight conversion bonus:


  • 1000     +15%   + 10% Tier      = 1250 points
  • 1500     +15%    + 10% Tier     = 1875 points
  • 2000     +15%   + 10% Tier     = 2500 points
  • 3000     +15%   + 15% Tier    =  3900 points
  • 4000     +15%   + 15% Tier     = 5200 points
  • 5000     +15%    + 20% Tier   =  6750 points
  • 7500     +15%   + 20% Tier    =  10125 points
  • 10000   +15% + 20% Tier    =  13500 points

Event Rate is 15% bonus points on the 1st transfer to that game account.

Although, the STEAM bonus will be different compared to the direct transfer from Warpportal! Please refer to the chart below for STEAM~ 

Steam also gets a 5% bonus. Straight conversion bonus for all tiers:

500 +5% 525 points
1000 +5% 1050 points
1500 +5% 1575 points
2000 +5% 2100 points
3000 +5% 3150 points
4000 +10% 4400 points
5000 +15% 5750 points

Warpportal games eligible for our Pumpkin Spice and Bonus Points Delights are: 

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If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us through our official social media or submit a ticket through the Warpportal Help Page.

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CLOSED BETA: Day 3 & 4 Event Schedule!



6PM PT: 500 Diamonds

7PM-9PM PT: + 200% Extra Loot

11PM PT (2nd Gifts): 3 x Vitata 500

12AM-1AM PT: + 200% EXP Event



6PM PT: 1000 Diamonds

7PM-9PM PT: + 300% Extra Loot

11PM PT (2nd Gifts): 3 x Vitata 500

12AM-1AM PT: + 300% EXP Event

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‼ Website Maintenance ‼



Hello everyone, we will be doing a restart of our power-up page.

The WarpPortal login and payment services will not be available at this time.

This will not impact in game services.

All services should be back up shortly, thank you for your patience!


RO New Server Launch: Freya~

RO1 Update Banner

Greetings Midgardians!

We are excited to share upcoming updates for Ragnarok Online. We are happy to announce that we are opening up a new Server for our lovely players! And in celebration of our new updates; we are having a Booster Event for new characters for all servers! Create a character on any of the servers and you can receive a booster package~ You will need a new character on the server before you can add a booster to it.


Join the newest server to get a fresh start with friends!

We will have a Booster event for the new server to help you level up!

Register Here!


In addition to the big changes! Here is the next balance patch!


Feel free to read up on our brief patch notes here:

  • Skill Rebalance:
    • Archbishop Skill Rebalance
    • Genetic & Homunculus Skill Rebalance
    • Guillotine Cross Skill Rebalance
    • mechanic Skill Rebalance
    • Performance System Skill Rebalance
    • Ranger Skill Rebalance
    • Royal Guard Skill Rebalance
    • Rune Knight Skill Rebalance
    • Shadow Chaser Skill Rebalance
    • Sorcerer Skill Rebalance
    • Warlock Skill Rebalances

    Advanced Potion – 4 types

    • Red Syrup – Recovers 325 HP
    • Yellow Syrup – Recovers 900 HP
    • White Syrup – Recovers 1800 HP
    • Blue Syrup – Recovers 180 SP

    Warlock Job Improvement

    Rune Knight Job Improvement

    Genetic Job Improvement

    Instrument Skills Job Improvement (additional)

    Guillotine Cross Job Improvement

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