ISP Maintenance 4/29

Our Internet Service Provider will be performing a maintenance on their hardware between 2-5am Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7). During that time it’s likely there will be high latency and intermittent connection outages connecting to our games and websites while they work. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


MMOSite Reader’s Choice Awards


Voting for the 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards is underway! For this contest, the players vote for their favorite MMOs in a variety of categories. Our Warpportal games are entered in the following categories:

Ragnarok Online:
Best Soundtrack
Favorite MMORPG
Best Community
Most Classic


Best Soundtrack
Favorite MMORPG
Most Classic

Ragnarok Online 2

Favorite MMORPG
Best Community
Most Classic

ROSE Online

Favorite MMORPG
Best Community
Most Classic

We’d appreciate your support for this, and thank you for the votes already cast!


Warpportal December Livestream Schedule

Here is what’s up for Warpportal Livestreaming on for the month of December!


12 – 1PM PST: Make Stuff Mondays w/ CM Jello Shaker


3- 4PM PST: Tiki Tuesday w/ CM Oda


12 – 1PM PST: Runnin’ Round ROSE w/ CM Dragonlark


10 – 11AM PST: Dragon Saga Let’s Play w/ CM Oda

5- 6PM RO2 Livestream w/ CM Varitas


5 – 6PM PST: To the Stars! Warpportal Weekly


*Please note that there will not be an episode of Runnin’ Round ROSE on 12/23/2015. There may be no Livestreams on the 24th, 25th and the 31st and Livestreams scheduled for these days will be subject to change.


There is something new to watch five days a week on the Warpportal Twitch channel! And if you miss an episode you wanted to watch, it will be uploaded to the Warpportal Youtube to watch later at your leisure!


* *This month’s Warpportal Weekly theme will be Sci Fi Games! Fly through space, explore new worlds and fight fantastic dangers with us this month in our To the Stars Warpportal Weekly Episodes! This theme will change up for January.


WP Downtime Compensation Events

Hello there everyone. This last week has been a pretty eventful one. We had a server move from Sunday to Monday afternoon, as well as an unscheduled hardware downtime late last night at 11/17. To compensate for the downtimes each game will be having events or subscription time added onto affected accounts. For VIP time and item distribution we are working on having these ready to be added on Friday. We greatly appreciate your patience and thank you for your support.

    Compensation event by game:

Event: Double Exp and Lant
3 Day Premium Extension for Requiem accounts with Premium during downtime.
End Date: 11/23/2015 12:00 AM

Ragnarok 2
Event: Dapara EXP buffs, no MP loss, and 3-day VIP for those who played this past week
End Date: Nov 23 – 30, 2015

Ragnarok 1
Event: 3 Day VIP for those who played this month
3 day VIP for all active VIP subscribers as of 11/15
Enriched Hammer

Dragon Saga
Event: 2.5 EXP and we will be giving out Soulcraft Randomizers (5) and Pet Mount Food (10 day) for all players for all players who made an account prior to 11/17/2015.
End Date:11/25/2015 12:00 AM

ROSE Online
Compensation Event:
25% Experience, 2x Drop, 50% Clan Point & Free Game Arena Energy
Start Date: 12:00PM, November 20
End Date: 12:00PM, November 23

We already gave compensation for the planned downtime, this is for the unplanned downtime.
Direct Compensation for accounts logged in from Nov 1 – 18:
All Accounts: 3 Days Premium Service
Existing Premium Users: 3 Additional Days (total of 6)
Direct Compensation Date:
We’ll get this done and added by the end of Nov 20, so it can be enjoyed during the weekend.
Special note: compensated premium service does not start until a player logs in on an account. So this means, your compensation will not run out if you don’t log in for a while once distributed.