Short Maintenance at 12:00 PM

Hello everyone,

Our webservers will be going down for a short maintenance at 12:00 PM PDT and is expected to be back up by 12:30 PM PDT.  There may be a disruption of services to our website and games at this time.   We thank you for your cooperation.


[SEA and Global] 6v6 Season 7 Rewards

The next 6v6 season begins on 10 Jul, so get your elite team together for some serious competition! The victors shall receive tremendous rewards, including amazing new Sea Otter mounts

6v6 Season 7 Rewards

Tier 1~150:

Armored Sea Otter Egg, Glittering Rune Stone, S7 Season Reward Avatar Frame Lv.3, S7 Season Reward Background Board Lv.3

Tier 151-300:

Charging Sea Otter Egg, Glittering Rune Stone, S7 Season Reward Avatar Frame Lv.2, S7 Season Reward Background Board Lv.2

Tier 301-600

Claw Sea Otter Egg, Glittering Rune Stone, S7 Season Reward Avatar Frame Lv.1, S7 Season Reward Background Board Lv.1


Swordsman Panda
Item type: Pet

Equip Stats: After hatching, Max HP +30

Deposit Rewards: -

Unlock Rewards: -


Helm of Bonding
Item Type: Headwear

Max HP +1000, in Arena Mode (6V6), Dmg Reduc. +8%, Def +8%

Deposit Rewards: M.Atk +3 Max HP+30

Unlock Rewards: -

Psychic Pipe
Item Type: Mouth Headwear

Equip Stats:

Demi-Human DMG Reduc. + 5%, in Arena Mode (6V6), Neutral Dmg taken -20%, while all other Attribute Dmg taken +10%

Deposit Rewards: Max HP +60

Unlock Rewards: -

Sword of Perseverance
Item Type: Tail Headwear

Equip Stats:

Damage reduction of Demi-Human race +4%, in the Arena mode (6V6), DMG to Demi-human race +8%

Deposit Rewards: Atk +3 Max HP+30

Unlock Rewards: -


Dragon Saga Server Reopens to the EU!



We are excited to announce that today, May 12th, 2021, Dragon Saga will once again be available to players in the EU Region at around 100PM PDT. For those in the EU region who played Dragon Saga on our server previously, please know your old accounts will be available once the restriction is lifted.

Please also be advised that due to our password change campaign earlier in the year, any old accounts not accessed since before that time will need a password change on both Warpportal and game accounts. Information on password changing is posted to our knowledge base, with links below.

Warpportal Password Change:
Game Account Password Change: