Ragnarok M: Eternal Love December Costume [All Servers]

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Ragnarok M December Headwear Gacha

An old timer is telling the story of Snow Fairy in Gingerbread City.
The Snow Fairy likes to wander and travel around. When it gets tired, it would transform into a little snow leopard, get into a backpack, and have the passing travelers take him for a ride. December‘s monthly headgear gacha ”Snow Fairy” is available today! From Dec 1st to 31st, ”Snow Fairy” themed gacha will be 30% off on ”Fantasy Generator·Ⅰ”! Let’s enjoy the snow world of Ragnarok.


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Icy Festival Event [All Servers]

ROM Icy Festival


Icy Festival Event


SEA Server [Global and EU Server Events listed below]



Event Duration: 03 December 2020 5AM – 01 January 2021 5AM
Small Wooden Hammer Purchase Duration: 28 December 2020 5AM – 31 December 2020 5AM

Event Details:

  1. Enter “Poring Battle” via the “New Event” button on the Main Menu Interface.
  2. There are 8 random rewards and a big reward for each round. The Small Wooden Hammer is required to participate in this event.
  3. Hit all 8 Porings to receive a big reward for the round.
  4. There are a total of 4 rounds. The next round will be unlocked when you receive all 8 mini rewards and a big reward.

Note: Event is limited to once per account, all the characters in the account share progress for this event.


Accept Quest Duration: 03 December 2020 5AM – 19 December 2020
Complete Quest before: 26 December 2020 5AM

Event Background Story:

Queen Valeria from the Snow Kingdom has arrived at Prontera. She plans to hold their traditional festival of Snow Kingdom—The Icy Festival in Prontera. A strange phenomenon is affecting Pronterians preparing for the festival; a strange frostbite is manifesting on their fingertips and hair strands, causing restlessness. The Adventurer harbored suspicions as he noticed that these symptoms were strangely identical to the Queen’s. The Adventurer decided to tail the Queen and discovered she was investigating the strange frostbite, and those who were affected harbored traces of ice magic within them. What exactly is Queen Valeria up to?

Event Details:

  1. Adventurers with Base Level 12 or higher may receive the Crystal Mystery Quests (5 Sub Quests in total) Crystal Mystery series of quests.

– Total of 5 chain quest from the NPC Donidoni at Prontera Square.


Event Duration: 10 December 2020 5AM – 17 December 2020 5AM

Event Background:

Celebrating the Icy Festival with just magic and snow is simply not enough. Help to create a more festive atmosphere by bringing sparkling gems to Valeria’s Maid, Elia , to help decorate the town! In return, she will give you a costume to wear for the festival.

Event Details:

  1. Find NPC Elia at Prontera Square, donate various gems to her to receive the following rewards: Thin Snow Chest , Cold Snow Chest and Frozen Snow Chest .
  2. Elia requires 2 type of gems daily. The type of gems required daily are different. Each type of gem may only be donated once per day.


Event Duration: 17 December 2020 5AM – 24 December 2020 5AM

Event Background:

The Icy Festival has started! Play with Little Ice Fairy to win awesome prizes!

Event Details:

  1. Adventurers with Base Level 12 may go to Prontera to play the Little Fairy’s Great Adventure. There are a total of 4 Mini-Game. The reward for completing each Mini-Game is Bright Crystal Gift Box x1 and Snow Kingdom Coin.
  2. The Icy Festival will take place at Prontera Square. Complete the Mini-Games to receive Bright Crystal Gift Box and Snow Kingdom Coin which can be used to exchange for rewards.


Event Duration: 22 December 2020 5AM – 29 December 2020 10PM

Event Background:

Valeria felt relieved after she successfully retrieved all the Ice Crystal Fragments. Valeria and Santa Claus decided to conclude this joyous occasion with a Christmas Eve Parade. The powerful magic attracted a large number of Ice-Porings to the Parade. Defeat the Ice-Porings to clear a path for the Christmas Eve Parade!

Event Details:

  1. Ice-Porings will spawn at Prontera West Gate from 20:00 hrs ~ 22:00 hrs daily.

Defeat the Ice-Porings to get Christmas Eve Gift Box . Each Character may receive up to 1x Christmas Eve Gift Box per day.


Event Duration: 24 December 2020 5AM – 04 January 2021 5AM

Event Background:

The Icy Festival and retrieval of the Magic Crystals were successful with the Adventurer’s help! To commemorate this special occasion and show her appreciation, Valeria has prepared a gift for you before she returns to her Kingdom.

Event Details:

  1. Adventurers may find NPC Valeria at Prontera square to get Valeria’s gift, Valeria’s Thank-you Gift .
  2. Limited to 1 gift per account.


Event Duration: 10 December 2020 5AM – 17 December 2020 5AM

Event Details:

Snow Kingdom’s Magic Card Bag will be available in Big Cat Coin’s Store during the event period. Each pack at 30 Big Cat Coins, Limited to 60 packs purchased per account.

Snowland’s Magic Card Pack Content:

Open to receive Gorgeous Card Album x1 , Nolan Card x40-60 and one of the following: 75% Poker Album x1、20% Tarot Card Album x1、5% Ancient Magic Card Album x1,You’ll also have a 5% chance to get a Oracle Exclusive Card x1


Release on: 01 December 2020 5AM

Christmas Furniture (China’s 2019 release)


Event Duration: 24 December 2020 5AM – 04 January 2020 5AM

Event Details:

Limited-Time Items in Gold Coin Shop:

Christmas Eve Wish I – Price: 15 Gold Coins, Purchase Limit: 100

Open to receive:
Mora Coins x10~20、Gram Dust x10~25、Zeny x50k~100k, and 0.2% chance to get Silver-Winged Reindeer Mount x1

Christmas Eve Wish II – Price: 30 Gold Coins,Purchase Limit: 100:

Open to receive:
Nolan Card x25~40、Gram Dust x15~30、Zeny x200k~400k, and 0.5% chance to get Silver-Winged Reindeer Mount x1

Silver-Winged Reindeer Mount (Can be listed on Exchange)


Event Duration: 27 December 2020 5AM – 04 January 2021 5AM

Price: $1.99
Purchase Limit: 3 per account
To be sold in re-charge shop

Adventure Support Pack 

Open to receive the following:
Pet Adventure Coupon x3, Magic Card Collection x1, Glittering Rune Stone – Star x1

Icy Festival Date

[Global Server]

Event 1: Icy Festival

Event Date:

3 December – 1 January (the next year)

Small wooden hammer purchase time: 28 December 5 am – 31 December 5 am

Event Details:

1. During the event, the Hotspot button on the screen will be replaced by the Hit Poring button. Tap it to access the event page

2. Each round of Hit Poring contains 8 random reward mini Porings and 1 bonus reward big Poring. Consume Small Wooden Hammers and tap Porings to earn rewards

3. After acquiring all the mini Poring rewards of this round, the big Poring reward of the round will be granted automatically

4. The Hit Poring event has 4 rounds. Clear one round by claiming all the rewards of the round and the next round will be automatically unlocked


1. The event is account based. All characters under one account share the completion progress.


Event 2: Crystal Mystery

[Queen Frost] from the Land of Ice and Snow has come to Prontera in preparation for the traditional Icy Festival. In the meantime, strange things are happening in Prontera. Some residents report that the tip of their fingers and hair is freezing up and their bodies feel languished. Snow Queen is accused by many for this strange illness. The festival preparations are under the way but [Frost] has sneaked out of the site, busy with something else secretly. Adventurers have been following [Frost] and found out she’s spying out these frozen cases. Patients of these frozen cases seem to bear waves of the snow magic. What is the true purpose of [Frost]‘s visit to Prontera?

Event Date:

Players may accept the challenge between 3 and 19 December

Complete by 26 December

Event Details:

1. During the event, adventurers whose base level is 12 or higher may accept the [Crystal Mystery] series of tasks from the Celebration Ambassador [Donidoni] at Prontera Square

It’s a set of 5 consecutive tasks


Event 3: Festival Decoration

Snow magic is not enough to complete the decorations for the festival. Glistening gems might be the icing on the cake. Donate shining gems to Frost’s Maid [Elia] and make this Icy Festival more splendid!

Event Date:

10 – 17 December

Event Details

1. During the event, adventurers may visit [Elia] at Prontera Square and donate different gems to her to win [Thin Snow Chest], [Cold Snow Chest], and [Frozen Snow Chest].

2. Every day [Elia] requires two types of gems and her need changes day by day. Each player may donate each type of gems once per day.


Event 4: Little Fairy’s Big Adventure

The Icy Festival has started. Play with Little Fairies to win prizes.

Event Date:

17 – 24 December

Event Details

1. During the event, adventurers whose base level is 12 or higher may accept the Little Fairy’s Big Adventure series of mini game tasks at [Prontera] Square. Complete each mini game to earn [Bright Crystal Gift Box] x1 and [Snow Kingdom Coin] x10. Every day there are 4 mini game tasks.

2. During the event, the Icy Festival will be hosted at Prontera Square. Complete mini games to earn [Bright Crystal Gift Boxes] and [Snow Kingdom Coins] which can be used to redeem rewards.


Event 5: Christmas Eve Parade

The Magic Mirror’s shards are successfully recycled. Snow Queen has nothing to worry about. [Frost] and Santa Claus has planned the festival parade together as the final program of the Icy Festival. A lot of Marins have been drawn here by the magic of ice and snow. Please reduce the number of Marins to keep the parade route clear!

Event Date:

22 – 29 December

Event Details

1. During the event, a large number of Marin will appear at [Prontera West Gate] between 20:00 and 22:00 every day. [Christmas Eve Gift Boxes] will drop when adventurers defeat Marins. Each account may collect up to 1 [Christmas Eve Gift Box] per day.


Event 6: Frost Gift

Thanks to our adventurers, the Icy Festival was held successfully. Having completed her mission, [Frost] is about to go back to the Snow Kingdom. To commemorate this encounter, she has something for our adventurers.

Event Date:

24 December, 2020 – 4 January, 2021

Event Details:

1. During the event, adventurers may claim Snow Queen’s present [Frost’s Thank-you Gift] from [Frost] at Prontera Square.

2. The gift claiming event is account-based.

EU Server

Event 1: Snow Carnival Tap Poring

Date: 03/12/2020 5:00 – 01/01/2021 5:00

Small Wooden Hammer Purchasing Period:

Dec 28, 2020 5 AM – Dec 31, 2020 5 AM


1. During the event, the Poring Showdown button will appear in the “New Event button” on the game interface. Click it to enter the event interface.

2. Every round, there will be 8 randomized rewards on the small Porings and 1 extra reward on the large Poring, which you can unlock when using Small Wooden Hammers on the Porings.

3. After obtaining all the small Poring rewards, you will be rewarded with the large Poring reward automatically.

4. There are 4 rounds to the Poring Showdown event. There is an unlocking mechanism between rounds. After all the rewards of the previous rounds are received, the following round will be automatically unlocked.

5. Conditions to spend Zeny to buy Small Wooden Hammers:

- There are still small Porings to be hit on the interface

- The purchase limit for the Small Wooden Hammer resets daily.


1. The event is limited to once per account. All the characters in the account share progress for this event.

2. The event ends on January1, 2021 at 5 AM

Event 2: Snow Kingdom Mystery

Mission Accept Date: 03/12/2020 5:00 – 19/12/2020 5:00

Mission Finish Date: 03/12/2020 5:00 – 26/12/2020 5:00

Event Details:

1. During the event, Adventurers with a Base level of 12 and above can go to Prontera Square and look for NPC DoniDoni to receive a “Crystal Mystery” series of quests.

- There are 5 quests in 5 days, and for every quest completed, you will be rewarded with “Snow Kingdom Souvenir”x1

- Finishing the 5th-day quest will award you with an extra limited headwear “Little Christmas Messenger” x1.

Event 3: Gem Donation

Date: 10/12/2020 5:00 – 17/12/2020 5:00


1. During the event, adventurers will be able to donate gem materials at NPC “Elia” on Prontera Square to earn various kinds of rewards.

-Each account can only donate once for each gem material.

Event 4: Pixie Adventure

Date: 17/12/2020 5:00 – 24/12/2020 5:00


1. During the event, Adventurers with a Base level of 12 and above can go to Prontera Square and receive the “Pixie Adventure” series of mini-game quests.

Finishing each mini-game will grant you: “Bright Crystal Gift Box” *1 and “Snow Kingdom Coin” *10. There will be a total of 4 mini-games.

Event Date: 17/12/2020 5:00 – 24/12/2020 5:00

Event 5: Christmas March

Date: 22/12/2020 5:00 – 29/12/2020 5:00


1. During the event, there will be a large group of Marin invading “Prontera West Gate” at 20: 00–22: 00 each day. Adventurers who defeat the invading Marin will receive a “Christmas Eve Gift Box” (maximum 1 per day).

Event 6: Snow Kingdom Appreciation

Date: 24/12/2020 5:00 – 04/01/2021 5:00


1. During the event, adventurers can go to “Gingerbread City” to look for NPC “Valeria”. She will give you a “Valeria’s Appreciation Gift”.

2. This event is limited to one character.

Event 7: Snow Kingdom’s Magic Cards

Date: 10/12/2020 5:00 – 17/12/2020 5:00


During the event, “Snow Kingdom’s Magic Card Bag” will be available on Big Cat Store with the price of 30 Big Cat Coins (maximum 60 purchases per account).

Snow Kingdom’s Magic Card Bag: A special card bag surrounded by magic that can only be purchased at the Icy Festival. Open to obtain Gorgeous Card Album x1, Nolan Card x40-60, and one of the following items: Poker Album x1, Tarot Card Album x1, Ancient Magic Card Album x1. There’s a 5% chance of receiving Oracle Exclusive Card x1.

Event 8: Furniture Giftbox

Available at: 01/12/2020 5:00

Furniture Giftbox is now available. Adventurers can go to Prontera southeast corner to purchase “Furniture Giftbox” and ”Furniture Voucher” from Furniture Merchant.

Event 9: Christmas Eve Wish

Date: 24/12/2020 5:00 – 04/01/2021 5:00


During the event, “Christmas Eve Wish I” will be available on Big Cat Store with the price of 15 Big Cat Coins (maximum 100 purchases per account).

Christmas Eve Wish I: The latest gift pack launched by the distant Snow Kingdom this winter is said to be a Christmas special edition. Open to obtain Mora Coin x10-20, Gram Dust x10-25, Zeny x50k-100k. There’s also a 0.2% chance of obtaining mount Silver-Winged Reindeer x1.

“Christmas Eve Wish II” will be available on Big Cat Store with the price of 30 Big Cat Coins (maximum 100 purchases per account).

Christmas Eve Wish II: The latest gift pack launched by the distant Snow Kingdom this winter is said to be a Christmas advanced special edition. Open to obtain Nolan Card x25-40, Gram Dust x15-30, Zeny x200k-400k. There’s also a 0.5% chance of obtaining mount Silver-Winged Reindeer x1.


Tactical Warfare Closed Beta 2 Announcement



Tactical Warfare Closed Beta Round 2 Starting 12/7/2020!

It’s time to deploy, Tactical Warfare: Elite Forces will be opening again starting on Dec. 7th through Dec. 11th, for round 2 of our Closed Beta Testing.  Check out what’s changed and help us make Tactical Warfare: Elite Forces the best that it can be.

Pre-Register today at, https://www.warpportal.com/landing/tacticalwarfare/preregistration.aspx  to ensure your exclusive Pre-Registration Items (seen below!).

Visit the website for more information.



Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [Global Server] Maintenance Notes

Maintenance Notes 11/24/2020

Dear adventurers,

We have scheduled server maintenance on 11/25 23:00 to 11/26 04:00 (GMT-6), to process a new update patch for the recently reported issues and open up new content. During the maintenance, players will not be able to log into the game. After the maintenance, we will send abundant items as compensation rewards. We apologize for this inconvenience.


========Client Update =======

1. Due to the engine being optimized and upgraded, players will not be able to enter the game from the old client after this maintenance. iOS/Android users must update the complete client through the App Store/Google Play to enter.

2. New client updates:

* EP7.5 “Moon’s Echo”

* Optimized the problem whereby some models easily crashed and other such issues.

3. After this client update, as an additional update benefit, the following events will be launched:

* From 05:00 on November 26th to 05:00 on December 3rd, you can get extra [Glittering Rune Stone - Star] x1, [Valkyrie Growth Gift Box] x2, [Pet Adventure Coupon] x2 when you complete the board quest for the first time every day.


========New Content=======

New Map – Moon Lake

1. Newly added the main city “Moon Lake”, the wild map “Odin Palace”, and “Palace Main Hall”

* The 10th chapter of the new main story “Guardian in the Moonlight” is officially launched. The fall of the Star Bridge shards changed the Midgard continent and caused panic among people. No one knows what this is all about.

* Adventurers that have reached Base Lv.105 can go to Prontera to retrieve their “lost memories” and explore the truth of the Star Bridge’s fall…

* After completing all the quests in single-player main story “Faith and Fate – Epilogue”, you can unlock the main city and wild map (please refer to the Quest Manual for main story quests)

2. New added Moon Lake “Anecdote Quest”

* After reaching Base Lv.15 and clearing the main story of Chapter 10, you can trigger this series’ quests in Moon Lake, Odin Palace, and Palace Main Hall respectively

Moon Lake: “Moon Lake”

Odin Palace: “Gungnir”, “Fortune Kim and Muninn”, “Fountain of Wisdom”, “Louen Character”, “Glepuneil” and “Odin Palace”

Palace Main Hall: “Hilydescarf”, “Brothers’ Past Memories”, “Moon Wolf Fenril” and “Mortal World Python”.


New Gameplay – Holy Ground War

Holy Ground War is a new season-based matching and racing PvP gameplay. Both sides will form a team of 12 people. The game will be launched in the new map “Holy Ground War”. The map contains a variety of mechanisms. Both sides will kill and compete for resources to attack the opponent’s crystal. The outcome is decided based on the crystal’s HP.


1. Holy Ground War [Casual Mode] & [Season Mode]

1) Rules of gameplay

* After entering the instance, the team will be randomly assigned to Hawk or Dove.

* Each faction has defense towers, barracks, bases, shops, one offensive route and one defensive route.

* The defensive route has three defense towers, and the offensive route has a siege cart that can cause a lot of damage to buildings. The siege cart requires an ally nearby to move it forward, so the team must cooperate to push the siege cart and break through the opponent’s base to attain victory.

* The defensive route’s breaking order is [Outer Tower] – [Central Tower] – [Inner Tower] – [Base].

2) Map rules

* Base: your own base is the goal when defending. When the base is destroyed, it will be considered as defeat. Adventurers can obtain Base Exp by defeating enemy units. After the base is upgraded, the attributes of minions produced by the barracks will be enhanced

* Barracks: there is a barracks on both the offensive and defensive routes. There will be minions produced every 30 seconds to attack and defend.

* Defense Tower: causes a lot of damage to enemy units, only siege carts can cause obvious damage to them.

* Siege Cart: only when your own units are nearby will it move forward, otherwise it will retreat or go unused. It is invincible.

* Shop: Adventurers can get Gold Coins by defeating enemy units. Tap on the Base or the Shop button near the Base to open the shop and exchange equipment.

* Portal: Adventurers can quickly teleport to the corresponding route by tapping on the portal on the offensive or defensive route; (the offensive route requires destroying the enemy’s Defense Tower to be activated)

* Wild Zone: there are a wide range of wild zones in between offensive and defensive routes. The wild zones will refresh a variety of MVPs with different effects. After a force kills an MVP, the MVP will refresh on the force line to improve the force’s strength.

3) Victory Conditions

* Both sides fight in [Holy Ground War]. When one side breaks down the enemy base, it wins immediately, or the Base and Defense Tower with higher HP after 15 minutes wins.

4) [Season Mode] and [Casual Mode] will provide additional attribute bonuses.

* Provides the [Adventure Handbook], [Aeisr Monument] and [Guild Blessing] attribute bonus.

* Provides a 15 attribute bonus to the equipment worn by the Adventurer in instances.


2. How to Participate

1) Added [Holy Ground War] entrance in season mode and casual mode. After a team of 12 people that have reached Lv.100 is formed, the captain can undergo matching. When the team doesn’t have enough members, the system will randomly match other players to form a team of 12 people.

2) The season mode will start from December 19th, 2020 to January 2nd, 2021, lasting 3 weeks in total. The matches start from 18:00 to 20:00 on Saturday.

3) The Casual Mode is open long-term and can be used for practice and experience. The rules and rewards of Tournament Mode will be announced separately before the function is opened.


3. Rewards

1) Casual Mode: no reward

2) Season Mode: you can obtain [Bishop Emblem] by reaching the corresponding quests in the instance. Each account can obtain up to 80 ones per week, which can be exchanged for the following items:

* Costume [Robe Series Costume Voucher], [Beast Doll Series Costume Voucher]

* Back Headwear [March of the Saints]

* Tail Headwear [Moral Shorthand Spirit]

* Headwear [Pope’s Crown [1]]

* Extract Light Crystal, Glittering Rune Stone – Star, Glittering Rune Stone, Praying Crystal Pack, Mora coin

3D Visual Angle On

* Added [3D Visual Angle], you can switch between [2.5D Visual Angle] and [Viewing Angle Lock] in settings.

* The screen ratio of 3D Visual Angle is 3:7, the left 30% is the rocker area, and the right 70% is the lens rotation area.

* The current version only supports 3D Visual Angle in some scenes, and more scenes will be available with 3D Visual Angle in the future.


========Game Optimizations=======

1. Optimization of Extraction System

* Enchantment Perfusion equipment can also be consumed as extraction materials. The extraction attributes are the same as the equipment before perfusion.

* The extraction attributes of the perfusion equipment cannot coexist with the equipped equipment before the perfusion, and the extraction attributes will be deactivated when there is a conflict.

* Extraction attributes can be activated in non-main city areas. Deactivation or replacing the activated attributes will add a 60-second cooldown time.

2. Optimization of Team Competition

* Skillpoint reset adjustment: The skillpoint reset time has been changed from the end of each season to the start of each season (8pm).

* New [Legend Tier] items have been added to the Team Competition Shop:

a. Newly added [Origin Book], the price is 16800 [Honor Proof], unlimited purchase;

b. Newly added [Glittering Rune Stone - Star], the price is 1500 [Honor Proof], each account can purchase up to 2 per week.

3. Echoing Corridor Optimization

* The number of Gold Coins dropped in the Machine Room doubled;

* Increase the price of [Osteoacusis Chips] and [Broaden Horizons] in the shop to 50;

* Reduced the initial number of Gold Coins obtained from the 31st, 41st, and 51st floors;

* Reduced the HP MVP and mini in each monster room;

* The effect of the monster room [Confinement Domain] changed from being unable to perform Magic Restore to reducing the percentage of Magic Restore;

* Reduce the monsters’ spawn range in the monster room to avoid the situation where players are defeated when switching scenes;

* No longer need to challenge the highest 10 levels in the level clearance record to win weekly rewards. After maintenance, the captain can select any 10 levels less than the highest record via “Weekly Mode” to obtain the corresponding weekly rewards. Weekly rewards can only be obtained once a week.

4. Rune System Optimization

* The Rune Box can now directly perform Rune Smelting, including Advancement Smelting, Precision Smelting, Attribute Synergy, Rune Replacement, and Rune Carving functions;

* Increased the limit of Skill Rune and Attribute Rune Bags from 300 to 400.

5. Barren Land Map Optimization

* Added pre-material tips to the Skillpoint of Divine Tree Spirit system;

* Barren Land items [Lucky Bags], [Dream Chopping Blades] and [Conjury Power Potions] can be used in batches.

6. Job Skill Adjustments

* When the Bard and Dancer are in an ensemble, they can no longer use [Bragi’s Faith] and [Smile of Eden];

* [Star Arrows]’ Dmg calculation is adjusted to be affected by the damage bonus of [Shrimp Pond], and the Dmg Reduc. of [Shrimp Pond], [Killing Puppet Rune] and [Smile of Eden];

*[Knell] is no longer immune to all controls and debuffs;

*[Enchant Deadly Poison]’s duration is adjusted from 40 seconds to 120 seconds, and the cooldown time is adjusted from 40 seconds to 20 seconds;

*When [Imperishable Dragon] and [Knell] are triggered, the boll ball-holding status in Team Competitions will be lost;

*[Cart Tornado]’s cooldown time has been changed from 2 to 3.5, delay has been changed from 2 to 1.5.

7. Skill Damage Display Optimization: now the Damage Data and Healing Data will disappear quickly.

8. “Phen Guitar” can be transformed into [Musical Instrument] weapon appearance now! If you have already stored “Phen Guitar”, you need to take it out of the Adventure Handbook and store it again to unlock the corresponding weapon appearance.


========Issue Fixed=======

1. Fixed the problem where some Adventurers’ Adventure Handbook achievements cannot be activated;

2. Fixed the problem where the Rift Dungeon of the Adventurer’s Assistant interface cannot be completed quickly;

3. Fixed the problem where some Adventurer Assistants displayed abnormal [Thanatos Tower] clearance statuses;

4. Fixed the problem where interface abnormalities appeared when tapping on other NPCs in the Precision Smelting Rune class switching interface;

5. Fixed the problem where Zeny is insufficient and it didn’t prompt the issue, but the interface automatically closed when producing headwear.


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [EU Servers] Version SP Sweet Summoner Event

ROM EU SP Sweet Summoner Event

Ragnarok M Version SP Sweet Summoner

Event 1: Mysterious Land

During the event, NPC “Lymloo” from the Mysterious Land will be coming to Prontera and telling the story of “Mysterious Land” to every adventurers
1. “Adventurers Home” Series Mission. There are total of 5 missions, finishing each one will receive the following rewards:

1: ”Valkyrie’s Gift” ×4
2: ”Oracle Dust” ×6. ”Oracle Crystal” ×4
3: ”Pray Card Pack“ ×3. ”Adventurer Coins“ ×2
4: ”Gold Medal“ ×2, ”Gift from Mysterious Land“ ×1
5: ”Blessing Giftbox“ ×4, ”Gift from Mysterious Land“ ×2
Tips: 1. This mission is limited to one character per account, level requirement: Base lv.12
2. ”Gift from Mysterious Land“ open up to receive a random rare materials from Version SP
3. ”Blessing Giftbox“ has a chance to get ”Pray Card Pack“, ”Gold Medal“, “Peak Shard“
4. This giftbox can be used after version SP went live and level requirement: Base lv. 60
Mission Accept Date: : 16/11/2020 5:00 – 23/11/2020 5:00
Mission Finish Date: 30/11/2020 5:00 to (Version SP update time)


Event 2: Mission Board Rewards

During the event, you will receive a “Gift from Mysterious Land” after finishing the first Mission Board Quest
Tips: 1. Limited to one character, level requirement: Base Lv.12
2. This giftbox can be used after version SP went live and level requirement: Base lv. 60
Event Date: 23/11/2020 5:00 – 30/11/2020 5:00