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Official Discord launch coming through!!!~ We present to you a place for our Ragnarok Begins West community

 :sparkles::sparkling_heart:Welcome to our Official Discord server! :video_game::space_invader:

Come join and introduce yourselves to the lovely RO Begins community.

Discord invite linkhttps://discord.gg/WQHdK54wcu

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RO Begins will be launching the game tomorrow so don’t forget to pre-register for our game through the link below!

Pre-Registration Here! 



Happy Birthday Ragnarok Origin!


Ragnarok Origin is celebrating it’s first anniversary!

We’ve come a long way since our launch and today we’re excited to announce that Ragnarok Origin has been up and running for one year. We’ve had a lot of fun and some challenges, but we believe in our team and our community. We’re looking forward to another great year.
Thank you!

Here are some of the fun and exciting events starting today!

  • Anniversary Party

    During the event period, players can obtain Ingredient Vouchers through completing commissions and killing monsters. Use them to complete dish orders and earn generous rewards!

  • Anniversary Special Sign-in Gift

    During the event, adventurers can log in every day to participate in the anniversary sign-in and get the anniversary super gift!

  • Anniversary Poring Treasure Chest

    During the event period, adventurers can earn rewards by participating in game events, and the higher the points earned during the period, the better the rewards are likely to be.

  • Card Drop Rate Tripled

    During the event period, the drop rate of cards obtained through monsters in the wild is increased to three times of the original.

  • Cat Hand Caravan 3x Rewards

    During the event period, participate in Cat Hand Caravan and complete the daily quest to obtain 3 times rewards.

  • Monster Incoming

    During the event period, a large number of orcs travel through the space rift to invade Prontera. Adventurers, pick up your rune guns and do your best to destroy them!

  • Raid Hollgrehenn

    During the event period, adventurers can earn rewards by participating in game events, and the higher the points earned during the period, the better the rewards are likely to be.

  • Limited Time Nyan Berry Tree Recharge

    During the event period, adventurers can feed the Nyan Berry tree through recharging, and the tree will provide generous rewards for adventurers when they grow to different stages.

  • Commission Carnival 7x EXP

    During the event period, adventurers can get a total of 7x EXP by participating in the daily commission quests!

Join in the anniversary fun today and enjoy new quests, rewards, and more.

A fantastic journey awaits!
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Warpportal Announcement

Greetings Midgardians,

Due to unforeseen circumstances; our ticketing tools and webpages may be experiencing some issues. We ask for a bit more of your patience throughout this time as we work on a fix!

Thank you for your understanding~


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Limited Time Pumpkin Spice and Bonus Points Delights!



Greetings Players! 


We are excited to announce that from October 26th to October 31st, we are having a Special Bonus Point Transfer Event!! This will be a one-time 15% Bonus when you transfer Warpportal Points to your game accounts; so make it count!  This Pumpkin Spice and Bonus Points Delights Event also applies to Steam Users when you purchase WP points for the game of your choice!


Warpportal Conversion Bonus Chart:

Straight conversion bonus:


  • 1000     +15%   + 10% Tier      = 1250 points
  • 1500     +15%    + 10% Tier     = 1875 points
  • 2000     +15%   + 10% Tier     = 2500 points
  • 3000     +15%   + 15% Tier    =  3900 points
  • 4000     +15%   + 15% Tier     = 5200 points
  • 5000     +15%    + 20% Tier   =  6750 points
  • 7500     +15%   + 20% Tier    =  10125 points
  • 10000   +15% + 20% Tier    =  13500 points

Event Rate is 15% bonus points on the 1st transfer to that game account.

Although, the STEAM bonus will be different compared to the direct transfer from Warpportal! Please refer to the chart below for STEAM~ 

Steam also gets a 5% bonus. Straight conversion bonus for all tiers:

500 +5% 525 points
1000 +5% 1050 points
1500 +5% 1575 points
2000 +5% 2100 points
3000 +5% 3150 points
4000 +10% 4400 points
5000 +15% 5750 points

Warpportal games eligible for our Pumpkin Spice and Bonus Points Delights are: 

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If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us through our official social media or submit a ticket through the Warpportal Help Page.

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CLOSED BETA: Day 3 & 4 Event Schedule!



6PM PT: 500 Diamonds

7PM-9PM PT: + 200% Extra Loot

11PM PT (2nd Gifts): 3 x Vitata 500

12AM-1AM PT: + 200% EXP Event



6PM PT: 1000 Diamonds

7PM-9PM PT: + 300% Extra Loot

11PM PT (2nd Gifts): 3 x Vitata 500

12AM-1AM PT: + 300% EXP Event

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ROBeginsWest

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ROBegins