Time Change Warpportal Maintenance 11/5/2017

Hello Everyone!

Daylight savings time will be ending this Sunday 11/5/2017! In order to prepare for this, Warpportal will be undergoing a maintenance for this time change on its games and web services.


The Warpportal maintenance will begin at 1:55AM PDT on 11/5/2017, and is expected to continue until about 4AM PST. During this maintenance access to Warpportal games and websites will be affected, these services will be unable to be accessed. Further announcements will be made once the maintenance is complete!


There and Back Again: A Ragnarok Crossover


There and Back Again

Ragnarok Online / Ragnarok 2 Crossover Point Promotion Event

October 18 – November 6, 2017

A Nightmare on Prontera Street has brought the Ragnarok Online and Ragnarok 2 communities together to fight off a mutual foe. As you explore the entire Ragnarok Online saga this month, enjoy point rewards that can be used in your main game! All points spent during the event period will count toward tiers of rewards for Reward Coupons that can be redeemed for bonus points!

You will earn a Reward Coupon for each tier you unlock:


Each Reward Coupon will be issued once per account, and Coupon Codes expire one month from delivery date. Coupons will be given in the form of Ragnarok 2 Points


2017 SpookPortal Schedule

Its the spooky season everyone, and the Warpportal community team is celebrating with scares!

Join us for our special spooky livestreams starting on 09/29/2017!

Be sure not to miss our Halloween special on 10/31/2017 for our round robin play through of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location, where we will see which community manager can survive the longest against the attack of the jump scares!

Livestreams will be on the Warpportal Twitch channel and uploaded to our Youtube channel!

SpookPortal Schedule 3



RE:START Guilds – Send us your WoE videos!



Ragnarok RE:START’s official War of Emperium has begun!

Saturdays | 9:00–11:00AM PDT



We want YOU to send us Replay videos of your guild in action during WoE!

We will use the videos sent to us to create a compilation video celebrating WoE on RE:START!


Here’s how to do it:


  • Make sure you record your gameplay in game using the Record button in your client:
    rec.png rec2.png
  • When you’re finished recording, you can access your saved Replay file in the game client folder.
    To get there the easy way.
    Right click your game client > Properties > Open File Location
    takes you straight to your RE:START folder.
    Once you’re there, look for the Replay folder and find your file inside.
  • Attach this video to a ticket to the Support Team (Support Page here) with the subject line RE:START WoE Video Submission.
    In your ticket, please include the following information:
    Video Title:
    Guild Name:
    IGN of Submitter:
    Timestamp of Fight:



We’ll take the highlights of your submissions and compile them in a fun video!

Good luck during WoE, and send us your best!