iRO x Shiba Says Collaboration!

Shiba Says Meets Ragnarok Online: A Cute Collaboration!

Hey Ragnarok fans! Something adorable this way comes.

The lovable pups from Shiba Says have found their way into Rune Midgard, and they need our help!

In a twist that’s got us all wagging our tails, these furry friends have gotten separated during their interdimensional trip. Now it’s up to us adventurers to lend a paw and help reunite them.

This collab brings a fresh, fuzzy face to our favorite MMORPG landscapes. Keep your eyes peeled for Shiba-themed quests, items, and maybe even some special events.
It’s the perfect excuse to revisit your favorite spots in Rune Midgard – who knows where these pups might be hiding?

Ready to join the puppy pursuit? Hop into Ragnarok Online and start your search! And don’t forget to share your Shiba sightings on social media with #ragnarokonline and #shibasays.
This event will become available on June 9th after maintenance.
Get all the details here.

And check out the official Ragnarok channels for more exciting RO news:
– @playragnarok on Twitter

Let’s show these Shibas some Ragnarok hospitality. Happy hunting, adventurers!



Explore the Magical City of Geffen in Ragnarok Begins

1300x630-Warpportal Cover

Check out the exciting new Geffen update in Ragnarok Begins!

Gravity Interactive is pleased to bring a major new content update to the beloved action MMORPG Ragnarok Begins.

This update brings 13 new maps for players level 119 and up. Those maps include 3 city maps for the Magical City of Geffen, where mages and wizards practice arcane magic. Although, this environment also hosts disturbing dangers… venture forward to find out!

Alongside this new explorable continent, this update brings:
– Raised base level cap of 139
– Raised job level cap of 50
– New Dungeon: Cursed Manor
– New equipment, including Unique grade gear
– An assortment of new cards
– New Geffen monsters and trophies

This update is live now, so we invite all Midgardians and Ragnarok fans to check it out! If you haven’t ventured into Ragnarok Begins previously, right now is the perfect opportunity to do so. We are having a handful of community events and giveaways for both new and returning players.

Ragnarok Begins is a cross-platform MMO brawler on PC/mobile, featuring 4 base jobs and 8 advanced jobs. It is available to play in USA, Canada, and South Korea on mobile, with the PC version open globally.

To learn more about Ragnarok Begins, check out these links:
- Ragnarok Begins Website
- Geffen Update
- Detailed Geffen update notes (Korean)
- Geffen video teaser
- Ragnarok Begins Discord
- Ragnarok Begins Facebook
- Download Ragnarok Begins on Android
- Download Ragnarok Begins on iOS
- Download Ragnarok Begins on PC


Discover Sonic with an Exclusive Event in Ragnarok Online

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Gravity Interactive has announced a collaboration with games company SEGA, creator of the beloved character Sonic the Hedgehog. Gravity Interactive and SEGA collaborated to bring a multitude of in-game items in Gravity Interactive’s hit MMORPG, Ragnarok Online, a game that has touched PC gamers across the world for over 20 years. The collaboration features cosmetics, pets, and an accompanying quest line that players in Ragnarok Online can complete and attain. After Ragnarok Online held a large 20th anniversary event in 2023 for fans of the game, Gravity Interactive continues to reward players with content, such as through this collaboration. Ragnarok Online is available to play for free on Windows and Steam. Gravity Interactive warmly invites fans of classic MMORPGs with heavy community interaction to enter the world of Midgard in Ragnarok Online.

Ragnarok Online provides an open world with limitless possibilities. From collecting powerful equipment to downing notorious world bosses with players across a server, the game features heavy RPG elements. Players can also get married, participate in Guild vs. Guild battles, control territory, customize stats and skills, adopt other players, and more. Ragnarok Online also features a very upbeat and melodic original soundtrack.

Players in Ragnarok Online will be able to purchase five different RO X Sonic packages. These five packages feature a variety of items, including a “Costume Mini Super Sonic”, “Costume Chaos Emerald”, “Sonic Badges”, and more. The event will take place from March 26th to April 23rd. Players over base level 100 can complete a questline to receive “Rings”, which can be exchanged for unique upgrades. Players under base level 100 can still purchase the different Sonic packages. The event page can be viewed here.

Players on PC and Steam can purchase these limited items from March 26th until April 23rd. Interested players can sign up for an account and learn more about the game at the official Ragnarok Online website here. Fans can also follow the game on Facebook here.

Featured Links:
• Ragnarok Online x Sonic Event page:
• Ragnarok Online website:
• Ragnarok Online Steam:
• Ragnarok Online soundtrack streaming:
• Gravity Interactive website:


Generation Zombie has just Launched Globally



Generation Zombie just launched in all regions on iOS and Android, with language support in English, Japanese and Korean!

Generation Zombie is a new style of game, with turn-based strategic card combat, filled with obstacles, traps, and zombies. Featuring gacha elements with upgradable and collectable Survivors, players must survive in this world by using all their strategic wits.
There are also several events, including limited-time launch events, so don’t miss out – see if you can survive in Romero City today.

◈Turn-Based Card Game of Survival◈
Survive the zombie apocalypse and lead humanity to victory in this immersive zombie strategy game! Download now to experience the ultimate post-apocalyptic adventure that will test your strategic skills, resilience and wits. Will you conquer the zombies standing between you and freedom? Play now and find out!

◈Engaging Gameplay◈
Immerse yourself in a thrilling world overrun by zombies. Develop your strategy, discover unique survivors with exciting abilities and gather resources to aid in battle. Conquer harder and harder stages with specific goals to reach in each stage. Will you make the right moves to advance further against traps and zombies? The choice is yours!

◈Command a Survivor Squad◈
Recruit, collect and train a diverse group of survivors with unique abilities. Upgrade their skills, equip them with deadly weapons, and lead them into intense battles against hordes of the undead. Every survivor brings unique skills and your squad will need synergy to overcome difficult obstacles. Level up your squad to unlock new abilities and inject them with Serum for distinct upgrades to enhance your chances of survival.

◈Resource Management◈
Manage your resources wisely to ensure the survival of your group. Make sure your Mental, Hygiene and Satiety levels don’t go too low. Collect valuable currency such as gold teeth which you can exchange for bullets and other items. Collect parts to craft mighty weapons and other goods to aid in your survival. Prepare your squad with such items to survive in this harsh and unforgiving world.

◈Tactical Combat◈
Plan your attacks strategically and exploit the weaknesses of different zombie types. Unleash devastating special abilities, utilize special action cards and lead your survivors in gripping tactical battles. Only the strongest will prevail!

◈Competitive Challenges◈
Test your skills in exhilarating PvP battles against other players. Rise through the ranks, prove your strategic prowess, and earn rewards.

◈Strategic Depth◈
This isn’t just another mindless zombie game. It’s a game that demands tactical thinking, resource management, and careful planning. Choosing which direction, and which cards to either battle or utilize, will be critical to your success. Cards which get destroyed or used disappear from the card table, causing other cards to fall and take their place. This creates a dynamic table so a keen awareness is required!

◈Join the fight for survival now! ◈
Download our mobile zombie strategy game and become the hero that rescues survivors and stands against the undead. Will you survive the apocalypse or become a feast for the walking dead? Find out now!

> Download on mobile:
Play and App Store Download Link

> Check out the official website:


Get Limited-Edition Cinnamoroll Gear in Ragnarok Online


Brace yourselves for an exciting collaboration ahead!

Get ready to be amazed by a surprising collab that will blow your mind, coming to Ragnarok Online!

Don’t miss out on this epic opportunity and be the first to grab the LIMITED EDITION Cinnamoroll Collaboration Package! Get an exclusive Cinnamoroll backpack to wear, along with other items in-game! Starting January 30, 2024 US PST – Mark your calendars!

Watch the full promo video here:



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