Ragnarok Origin 4th Class Update

Greetings, Midgardians!

Prepare yourselves for an epic adventure as Ragnarok Origin unveils an exciting new chapter in its legendary saga. We are thrilled to announce the arrival of not one, not two, but six brand-new 4th classes that will forever change the face of Midgard.

The 4th class update, which we’ve been diligently working on, has finally arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. We’ve ensured that the new classes offer a unique and enjoyable gameplay experience. Countless hours of development, balancing, and testing have gone into this update, all with the aim of enhancing your adventures in Midgard.

As you embark on this new chapter with the 4th classes, you’ll be able to experience Ragnarok Origin with a new perspective. Each day will bring new challenges and adventures that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Various skills for each class will be ready to unleash their uniqueness and power as you navigate the world of Midgard. Keep in mind that you’ll have the opportunity to harness your inner strength and become a formidable character in your chosen field!

May your journey through Midgard be filled with epic battles, thrilling quests, and unforgettable memories.

#Six New Classes

The Guillotine Cross, the final advancement of the Thief class, remains proficient in dual-wielding weapons like daggers, one-handed swords, and katars. This class excels in methods of assassination, while also utilizing potent poisons.

Arch Bishop is the pinnacle of the Priest class. They have a wide variety of skills at their disposal, allowing them to better support and buff large parties while striking down a greater range of enemies with Holy magic.

Rune Knight is the final evolution of the Knight class. They have a new dragon mount and are ready to do some serious damage with an arsenal of new powerful attacks, while also having the highest HP pool compared to other classes.

The Ranger, who advances from the Sniper, possesses stronger trap skills, further solidifying their role as a tracker and huntsman. This class enables wolf riding for enhanced mobility and introduces exclusive skills for both wolf-mounted travel and companion summoning.

Advancing from High Wizards, the Warlock gains a complex and sophisticated magic circle, allowing for the use of even more powerful elemental forces.

Mechanics distinguish themselves as the sole profession with a trinity of versatile vehicular transformations. These distinct modes of transport empower the Mechanic to navigate a spectrum of combat scenarios with strategic proficiency.

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Event Schedule

#Shopping Festival
2023/09/18 05:00 – 2023/10/02 04:59
Select from a variety of items at reasonable prices.
#Poring Chest
2023/09/18 05:00 – 2023/10/02 04:59
Test your luck! Amazing items await you.
#Milly’s Rabbit House
2023/09/18 05:00 – 2023/10/02 04:59
Visit Milly’s Moon Rabbit Dessert House and collect numerous rewards!
#Moon Rabbit Hunt
2023/09/18 05:00 – 2023/09/25 04:59
Find and beat Moon Rabbits to earn substantial rewards!


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ALTF42, the Hit Permadeath Platformer, is Inviting Everyone to a Challenge!

2023-08-18 16_36_03.723

❗️Calling All Challengers and Gamers ‼️

#ALTF42 is having a TikTok Challenge! ALTF42 is a PC permadeath platformer that puts your skills and patience to the test!

This challenge asks everyone to share moments from the game that made them ALTF4 out! We assure you, there are frustrating albeit hilarious and ultimately redeeming moments like these for everyone who tries it out. You can also share a moment you wanted to quit what you’re doing in real life and just have time to yourself.

We’re giving out tons of prizes to those who enter the challenge, so don’t miss out!


Generation Zombie Announced with CBT Starting Soon!

GZ_1200x630_Can You Survive Hordes of the Undead_ (2)

Generation Zombie is an upcoming strategy survival game on iOS and Android. With a variety of unique characters to join and form your party, your battles against hordes of undead will always have fun and distinct elements thanks to each character bringing their own ability to the table. Additionally, Synergies are more gameplay elements that bring bonuses to specific pairs of characters.

An outbreak has occurred and zombie have overrun facilities and the area. Survivors are stranded all over and desperate for survival. All ways of normal life have been ended. With a race against time, form your group and battle zombies in waves as you fight to live another day!

A CBT is launching within the next few weeks for Android users globally, on September 14th. The CBT will be open for 2 weeks, until September 28th. Interested players can sign up for the Beta on our official website at https://playgenerationzombie.com .

Generation Zombie is going to be free-to-play and will launch in multiple countries. The game features a card layout, with the player aiming to complete stages in a set number of card moves. The decisions made, including which direction you play your cards and which abilities you use, will make or break your survival. This is a challenging card game with a lot of different enemies, side tasks, items, survivors and more, and we’ll be listening to Beta feedback to incorporate additional changes into the game by the official launch.

We’ll announce more details on the CBT and game in the near future, so be sure to check our blog and your email for updates!

We also invite everyone to follow the official Facebook page at: https://facebook.com/generationzombie


Listen to the Official Ragnarok Online Soundtrack!

Spotify Album Cover_1600x1600_j (1)

Disc 1 of the Ragnarok Online Soundtrack is now available to listen on major streaming services!
This classic OST gives strong nostalgia to millions of fans around the world. Relive many memories and enjoy the BGM from the below providers:
It is available to stream through Tidal, iHeartRadio, Pandora and to purchase from iTunes as well. We invite Ragnarok, RO1 and music fans everywhere to listen!