Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [SEA and Global] Moonlight FairyTale June Costume

Ragnarok M Moonlight Fairy Tale| June Gachapon Costume Available Now!

Moonlight Fairy Tale Image

The day at the wedding, Magareth is wearing the wedding dress, it is so beautiful. All I am doing is just staring at her, when the priest asks me “Anything you want to say to each other?”

“Your highness, how do you want your steak cooked?”
“haha…” Princess laughing and says “Well-done!”


Moonlight Fairy Tale Image 2

Who said princess must be with a prince? If you are in love, you can be with a dragon.


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Global Episode 4.0 Update!

Castle in the Sky Banner

Dear adventurer:
We have scheduled server maintenance on June 12th, from 02:00 AM to 05:00 AM (MDT), to implement a new update patch. During the maintenance, players will not be able to enter the game. After the maintenance, we will send 4x “Adventurer Coins”, 4x “Hot Meal”, and 4x “Lightning Chain” as compensation rewards. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The update is as follows:

1. New Daily & Basic Gameplay Features:

1) Base level is increased to 110

2) Maximum Attribute Points have been increased to 119

3) Floor 100 is now available in the Endless Tower, with the new EP4.0 Monsters and Garm

2. New Map

1) A New Major city, [Castle in the Sky - Juno], is now available! Adventurers can head north of Al De Baran to get to the Republic of Schwartzvald’s Capital “Juno”.

2) Five new field maps: Border Checkpoint, Einbroch Field, and Magma Dungeon 1F-3F.

3) Brand New Boss Monsters: MVP – Arc Angeling, MVP – Firelord Kaho, and Mini – Fire Witch. So please be careful Adventurers, as you may run into them!

4) A new main storyline, “Juno”, is available! Adventurers who are at level 98 or above can accept this Quest from NPC “Mathay Siv” in Prontera North.

- Adventurers who have finished the first stage of this main story Quest can complete the rest of this Quest from NPC “President’s Attendant” in Juno

- The Adventurers who have reached level 99 can take Juno Field’s elite Quest “Planet of the Snake and Silence” from NPC “Poporing” in Juno

5) Juno Field collection Quests

* At level 98, 99, and 100, Adventurers can head into Juno, Einbroch Field, and Magma Dungeon 1F to explore.

6) There will be new “Sit Down Elegantly” positions for the five new areas.

7) At level 99, Adventurers can accept the new Minstrel’s Quest for Juno area.

8) Brand new equipment will be available. Adventurers can head into Juno to find the equipment craftsman NPC, or upgrade your current gear to obtain the new equipment.

3. 3rd-job Change

1) A 3rd-job advanced mission is available for all the classes. Adventurers who have reached job level 70 can go to the adventure hall to accept the 3rd-job change Quest.

2) Adventurers who have owned the “Aeisr Monument” can head into Guild Hall and search for NPC “Violet” to accept the 3rd-job “Aeisr Monument” mission

3) New builds for all the 3rd-jobs.

4) For Rune Knights, Royal Guards, Rangers, and Mechanics, there will be new mount items available in the game; (Atlan Green Petite, Dulange Green Petite, Rilada Green Petite, Red-Bristled Gryphon, and Brown Feather Gryphon for both Rune Knights and Royal Guards – at the price of 198 Big Cat Coins).

5) The item shop will have new consumable items available for 3rd-job classes; (New Poison, Thorn Seed, Wall Paint, Holy Water, Madogear Fuel, Shell, and Rough Rune Stone).

6) Some skills have been balanced based on 3rd-job skills.

* “Zen”: “Gathers spirit bombs to the max” has been changed to “Gathers spirit bombs to the max (up to 5 at a time)”

* “Finger Offensive”: “Attacks the target with all spirit bombs from afar” has been changed to “Attacks the target with all spirit bombs (up to 5 at a time) from afar”

* “The Flash”, “Trump Tamer”, “Ferity Awakening”: “Falcon” has been changed to “Beast”; “Beast” includes “Falcon” and “Wolf”; but note that “Falcon” and “Wolf” cannot exist at the same time.

4. Mounts and Mecha

1) New mount for Rune Knights – Valg Green Petite, which can be purchased from Kadir in Prontera at the price of 30,000,000 Zeny. Rune Knights can ride the dragon after leaning the skill “Dragon Training”.

2) New mount for Royal Guards – Saint Gryphon/Night fire Gryphon, which can be purchased from Kadir in Prontera at the price of 30,000,000 Zeny. Royal Guards can ride the Gryphon after the purchase.

3) New pet mount for Rangers – Ruca, which can be purchased from Kadir in Prontera at the price of 198 Big Cat Coins. Rangers can ride it after learning the skill “Warg Rider”.

4) New pet mount for Rangers – Hatii, which can be purchased from Kadir in Prontera at the price of 30,000,000 Zeny. Rangers can ride it after learning the skill “Warg Rider”.

5) New equipment for Mechanics – Mecha helm, which can be purchased from Aiky in Prontera at the price of 3,000,000 Zeny; there are total of 16 colors for you to choose, they can only be used by Mechanics.

6) New equipment for Mechanics – Splendida Mecha and Splendida Helm, which can be purchased from Aiky in Prontera at the price of 30,000,000 Zeny and 5,000,000 Zeny, respectively; they can only be used by Mechanics.

5. Three New Pets Available to catch

* Little Witch, Cruiser, and Teddy Bear can be caught using “Worn-out Gorgeous Clip”, “Toy Gun”, and “Gift Box”. Some of these pet items can be exchanged with “colorful shells”

6. New Feature: Costume Dye

1) At the Prontera NPC “Enos”, Adventurers who have advanced to the 3rd-job, will be able to change your outfit’s color with the Costume Dye feature.

2) Some of the colors will need to be unlocked. Adventurers can check the details in the Costume Shop

7. Oracle Dungeon – New Difficulty

* Oracle Dungeon will have 3 difficulties for Adventurers to challenge. Players can receive rewards after finishing each difficulty. The reset time is Mondays at 5:00AM (MDT)

* There is a chance to receive a “Poker Card” or “Tarot Card” after finishing the challenge. Opening it will give a random card (it will NOT unlock in the Adventure Handbook)

* “Tarot Card”: opening this will have a chance to give Oracle Dungeon exclusive cards.

* Obtaining “Oracle Dungeon exclusive cards” will unlock the stats in Adventure Handbook, but cannot be placed on the shelf in Exchange.

* “Oracle Dungeon” will give “Friendship Proof”. Adventurers who have finished the “Oracle Dungeon” challenge will receive “Friendship Proof” when helping others.

8. Kafra Guard – Now Available

1) Event Time: Every Tuesday 8:00 PM – 8:30 PM (MDT)

2)Event Details: Every Tuesday from 7:50 PM to 8:10 PM, players can enter the event by talking to the Guard NPC in South Gate. Challenge the Demon King in the stage to protect the Kafra. Lowering the Demon King’s HP will drop “Demon King Crystal” and “Guardian Medals”, when defeated he will drop Assistant Costumes. The costume can be sold on the Exchange and can’t have its gender changed.

3)Demon King Crystals are exclusive to the Kafra Guard event and can be used to exchange for various unique items.

9. Recharge Related

1) The first recharge double bonus will be reset for: 30/128/328/648 Big Cat Coins purchases.

2) The “EP4.0 Premium” will be available at a discounted price of $7.99 USD, “EP 2.0 & 3.0 Premium” prices will be back to the original prices: $10.99 USD. (Note: For iOS devices, the game client needs to be fully updated in order to purchase EP4.0 Premium. We will publish a new game client in the iOS App Store for Adventurers to download. )

—- Other Updates —-

With EP 4.0,Fantasy Generator Ⅲ and King Poring updated with new functions.


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love June Gachapon Lost Temple [SEA and Global Servers]

Ragnarok Lost Temple Image


Ragnarok M 一 June Gachapon 一 Lost Temple


Each and every piece of headgear carries with it countless memories. Memories that have seen the dawning of time and the birth of the ancient gods. This gear hold within it tales that have been chronicled in the poems of Bright.

As dragons wake from their centuries of slumber, their poisoned scales will fall upon Yggdrasil.
The bleak silence night comes and covers everything. If you listen carefully, you can hear floating through the cold winds the last command of the gods.

Adventurers from Midgard, come find the sacred remains of Bright, the Bard.


Headwear Banner






Ragnarok M: Eternal Love June Events [SEA and Global Servers]

Savage Adventure


Hey, Adventurers! Do you know Ollie the Savage Babe? He’s going through a rebellious phase right now…


Event 1:Growing Pains — Login Event


1、Find Savage Yui in Prontera and accept the “Growing Pains” series of quests. Only one character per account may accept these quests.


2、The following quests may be accepted from Ollie the Savage Babe, in Prontera.


- Available after Lvl 12


- There are 5 consecutive tasks,after completing each one you may receive「Ollie’s Lucky Giftbox」*1.


- After completing the last task, you may receive「Piglet Doll Hat Blueprint」.


- 「Piglet Badge」can be listed on the Trade during the event,after June 30 it can no longer be traded.


- 「Piglet Badge」will all be collected after July 15.




This event is limited per account, so please be careful with which character you use to accept the quests.


Quest Accept Dates:June 1 – June 8


Quest Completion Dates:June 1 – June 15


Event 2:Gratitude Bonus – Mission Board Reward x2


During this event,the first character from each account to complete missions from the mission board will receive 2x the rewards,every 10 rewards you may also receive「Piglet Badge」and「Magical Zongzi」


Event Dates:June 6 – June 13


Event 3:Dragonboat Festival Event – Invasion of the Sticky Rice Puppets


Just as Savage Babe was joining the Dragonboat Festival in Payon, a group of Sticky Rice Puppets attacked Payon…


During this event,everyday from 12:00-13:00 and 18:00-19:00 Payon will be invaded by Sticky Rice Puppets,defeat the Sticky Rice Puppets and you may receive the「Piglet Badge」they stole from Savage Babe,as well as a chance of receiving「Zongzi Babe Blueprint」


- There is no limit to the ammount of Piglet Badges you may receive ;「Zongzi Babe Blueprint」may be listed on the Trade.


Event Dates:June 6 – June 12; Daily from 12:00 – 13:00 /18:00 – 19:00


Event 4:Visit the Savage Babe family


During this event, go to Payon and find the Savage Babe family. It seems they want to receive the adventurer as a guest. You may receive「Piglet Badge」and「Ollie’s Treasure Map」.


1、Rewards will reset daily at 5:00 AM.


2、Event rewards are limited per account, only one character may receive them each time.


Event Dates:June 20 – June 24


Event 5:Savage Babe’s Gratitude – Endless Tower Reward x2


The first character from the account to clear the E.T for the first time will have double rewards!


Tips: This event is limited to one character per account.


Event Date:June 24 – July 1


Event 6: Ollie Thanksgiving Giftbox Limited Sale


During this event,「Ollie Thanksgiving Giftbox」will be available at the Big Cat Coin Shop. Cost of 15 BCC per item.
Giftbox Contents:「Piglet Badge」、「Colorful Shell」,and there’s a 10% chance of obtaining「Ollie Medal」


「Ollie Medal」:Use to open the Piglet Shop, and exchange for 「Lucky Pig Pet Egg」or the limited edition skin「Lucky Duh」


Event Dates:June 10 – June 19


Event 7:Ollie’s Treasure Giftbox Limited Sale


During this event「Ollie’s Treasure Giftbox」will be available at the Big Cat Coin Shop. Cost of 30 BCC per item, limited to 60 purchases per account.


Giftbox Contents:Opening it you will receive “Gram Dust”,“Card album remains”,and a chance to gain Exclusive Oracle Card *1


Event Dates: June 24 – July 1


Event 8:“Moonlight Fairy Tale” Costume Series


During this event, the “Fantasy Generator Feast” “will sell the “Moonlight Fairy Tale” Costume Series.


Event Dates:June 13 – June 27



Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [SEA Server] GvG Final Battle Maintenance

ROM Global maintenance notice


Dear adventurers,

We have scheduled server maintenance on May 30th, from 12:00 to 16:00 (GMT+7), to process a new update patch. During the maintenance, players will not be able to log into the game. After the maintenance, we will send 5x “Adventurer Coins”, 5x “Hot Meal”, and 5x “Lightning Chain” as compensation rewards. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The update is as follows:

1. “GvG Final Battle” is now available!