The Orlo Update for ROSE Online


Join ROSE Online on an epic new journey with the Orlo Update!

New Maps, New Armor and Weapons, Level Cap Increase and More!


Shifting Sands and New Lands

As the sands of the desert planet Orlo shift, as if out of nowhere, what was once hidden to even the most seasoned desert traveller has been revealed in its true form. The Golden Ring, previously thought to be a barren circuit of coarse sand and brittle rock, reveals structures and distant regions that were once inhabited by an ancient Orlean civilization. Only the passage of time will tell us the story of their dynasty, but for now, the Visitors must reorient and reinforce themselves as they encounter strange new lands and stronger foes than ever before. A new feeling of determination ignites the adventurous Visitors, driving them towards greater strength, and a new understanding of the mysterious desert planet.


Old Zones have been expanded!


New Zones have been discovered!


Awesome New Armor Sets




All this and much more! Explore all of Orlo and complete new challenges today! You can find all the information on the newest update to ROSE Online on the official Patch Notes.




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