Wanna Stream Warpportal Games?


We want to make YOU the center of attention!

We want to host YOU on our Twitch Channel playing WarpPortal games!!  If you are a streamer and you are already playing one of our titles, keep reading to learn how to qualify!

Our games have an E for Everybody rating (except Requiem!), so we do have a few rules.
Good rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t be allowed to say it on our forums, then it’s not allowed on the Twitch Channel.

Hosted Stream Rules:

  1. Please do not use inappropriate language. (Yes, cussing in other languages still count.  If you can’t say it on our forums, you can’t say it here.)
  2. No racial commentary.
  3. No Explicit Material of any kind. We want to keep it clean. PG and under, not over.
  4. If in doubt read our Rules of Conduct located here.

If you can adhere to those rules, check out this form and we will contact you within a couple of days.  If we don’t, just contact any one of the CM’s on staff on the forums.

If you are not familiar with the names of the current Community Managers, they are:
CM Astra
CM Dragonlark
CM Varitas
CM Jelloshaker

Also if you need any images or overlays let us know, and we can point you in the right direction. Check out Fansite Kits on the game sites.  Just go to Downloads and select it from the drop down menu.

We look forward to seeing your livestreams!!



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