WarpPortal Game Night December 2nd!

We are go for our next Warpportal game night!


When: 7:30pm Friday, December 2nd!

Where: At our Warpportal office here in lovely Buena Park, California

Who: This is open to our players!


We’ll also have a livestream running in one of our game rooms, so even if you’re not able to be here in person you can watch!


We’re doing a potluck dinner so if you can, please bring some foods, or soft drinks or desserts! 


Here’s what we’ll have available


Card, board and tabletop games


-Munchkin (with expansions)

-Betrayal at the House on the Hill


-Cards Against Humanity



-Would You Rather


-Risk 2210

-X-Wing Miniatures game

-Star Wars Armada

-Star Wars: Imperial Assault


To register, send your game’s Community Mananger a PM on our forums with the title Game Night RSVP


1.       Character name and server

2.       What game(s) you’d like to play or are bringing

3.       How many people you are bringing


We’ll send you the address if you don’t already have it from a previous game night. Please let us know in this thread if you’re coming even if you’ve already been to our game nights and have our address.


Also please post in the thread to let us know that you’re coming!


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