Ragnarok 2 Morroc War of Emperium Launches!


Ragnarok Online 2’s newest guild versus guild PvP map launches in Morroc!

The War of Emperium is a guild versus guild siege battle. Your fellow guild members are your battle allies while members of other guilds are your enemies. All the guilds participating will have to compete with each other to attack and take the fortress.


Siege weapons and defensive items will be at your disposal! Attackers gain an advantage by taking smaller Emperiums that will provide your guild with unique buffs. Once the gates are destroyed, attacking guilds will face off against guardians protecting the main fortress Emperium. The guild that destroys the Emperium become the new owners, and will be the defenders of their spoils in the next round of the War of Emperium.


Join in the clash of guilds in Morroc now!

For more information, please visit http://playragnarok2.com/news/article/245


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