2013 Holidays: Celebrate with GoCash!

The GoCash Card 2013 Holiday Celebration event!

Whenever you redeem any value of GoCash Card to Power-Up your WarpPortal account you will receive 10% bonus WP, which gives you more WP for converting to Game Points or VIP/Premium!



This Special Bonus starts 11/27 and Continues through January 2nd, 2014! You can pick up GoCash Cards from many retailers including 7-11, Best Buy, Walmart and GameStop!


4 thoughts on “2013 Holidays: Celebrate with GoCash!

  1. I’ve used these cards before, with even a ‘25% bonus’ deal, and at the very most, you can only get what u normally can.

    Not worth it, theres always some you cannot use, many hidden ‘fees’ and such, UGC’s are a waste of money esp when u can buy pre-loaded CC’s for a buck over the cost on card, and use the entire thing.

    Don’t waste your money.

  2. Now if only payment via a frickin UGC was ACTUALLY AN OPTION. Hooray for a wasted twenty friggin dollars

  3. At the Warpportal power-up page click on Game cards at the top tab. I know it isn’t an immediately showing option but if you do redeem game cards it is there for you.

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