Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest – Sponsored by Playspan

If you have been following us here at the blog, you will know that its time to hear about some results for the Pumpkin Carving Contest which we are greatful to a partner of ours for sponsoring this contest.

Grand Prize
Arai2“Valkyrie Randgris”
Arai – RO Chaos Server
First Prize
Salixia“Dark Lord”
Salixia – RO Loki Server
Runner Ups
MarcoV – Requiem Lintra Server
Chris – Requiem Lintra
Eagle Talwart3“Deviruchi”
Eagle Talwart – RO Iris Server
Galexi1“ROSE – Lexy”
Galexi – ROSE Online
Snewt“Loli Ruri”
Snewt – RO Iris Server
Cleffy-Lit in Dark“Biskra”
Cleffy – Requiem Valdes Server
Maeberry2“Flame Skull”
Maeberry – RO Valkyrie Server
Ramen – RO Loki Server
Gokuh – RO Valkyrie Server
Krisgoat – RO Valkyrie Server

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5 thoughts on “Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest – Sponsored by Playspan

  1. its a mini demon – not a deviruchi! Either way. The valk and darklord are hot!

  2. mini demon is really cool, and deviling from Gokuh have that shiny eye really scary very good

  3. <3 elly. YaY Rose!

    I love the devil lord and the Deviruchi ones. Spiffyness =)

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