RO New Server Launch: Freya~

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Greetings Midgardians!

We are excited to share upcoming updates for Ragnarok Online. We are happy to announce that we are opening up a new Server for our lovely players! And in celebration of our new updates; we are having a Booster Event for new characters for all servers! Create a character on any of the servers and you can receive a booster package~ You will need a new character on the server before you can add a booster to it.


Join the newest server to get a fresh start with friends!

We will have a Booster event for the new server to help you level up!

Register Here!


In addition to the big changes! Here is the next balance patch!


Feel free to read up on our brief patch notes here:

  • Skill Rebalance:
    • Archbishop Skill Rebalance
    • Genetic & Homunculus Skill Rebalance
    • Guillotine Cross Skill Rebalance
    • mechanic Skill Rebalance
    • Performance System Skill Rebalance
    • Ranger Skill Rebalance
    • Royal Guard Skill Rebalance
    • Rune Knight Skill Rebalance
    • Shadow Chaser Skill Rebalance
    • Sorcerer Skill Rebalance
    • Warlock Skill Rebalances

    Advanced Potion – 4 types

    • Red Syrup – Recovers 325 HP
    • Yellow Syrup – Recovers 900 HP
    • White Syrup – Recovers 1800 HP
    • Blue Syrup – Recovers 180 SP

    Warlock Job Improvement

    Rune Knight Job Improvement

    Genetic Job Improvement

    Instrument Skills Job Improvement (additional)

    Guillotine Cross Job Improvement

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