Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [SEA Servers] Fight For Glory with New Allies Crossover Event

ROM SEA Fight For Glory




1. Mashin Hero Wataru Event Puzzle
Event Date: Nov 1, 2020 – Dec 2, 2020

Event Details:
1. During the event, the “Event Puzzle” button will appear in the “New Event” button. Click to enter the event puzzle interface.
2. “Mashin Hero Wataru” is made up of 9 puzzle pieces, which correspond to 9 tasks.
3. To participate, collect the puzzle pieces. Rewards will be given once you reach the milestone.
–For every puzzle unlocked, you will receive Mysterious Box 7 x1. –For every 3 puzzle pieces collected: Gold Medal x4, Smooth Rune Stone x2, Divine Dragon Gashapon Coin x30. –For every 6 puzzle pieces collected: Praying Card Pack x4, Valkyrie’s Gifts, x4, Mastela Fruit x1. –For 9 puzzle pieces collected: Glittering Rune Stone x1, Mashin Hero Wataru card x1.

Event is limited to once per account; all characters in the account share progress for this event.

2. Golden Dragon’s Missions
Event Date:
Apply for event Nov 1, 2020 – Nov 15, 2020 Completable Nov 1, 2020 – Nov 22, 2020 Divine Dragon Magatama expires on Dec 9, 2020 NPC disappears on Nov 30, 2020

Event Details:
1. During the event, Adventurers base level 12 and above can obtain Mashin Hero Wataru quests from the Golden Dragon at Prontera Square.
- There are 5 missions in total. For every mission completed, you will receive Divine Dragon’s Gift x1, Divine Dragon Magatama x20, Divine Dragon Gashapon Coin x20
- Able to obtain event-exclusive furniture Himiko Himiko Raccoon Clone x1 after completing the first mission
- Complete the mission on Day 5 and receive an event-exclusive blueprint Flying Genjinmaru x1
- Upon opening Divine Dragon’s Gift, there’s a chance to obtain any one of the following: Gold Medal x2, Smooth Rune Stone x1, Oracle Dust x4,
Praying Card Pack x2, Dusty Rune Bag – II x1, Oracle Crystal x2, Mastela Fruit x1
- Divine Dragon Magatama:Able to open Sokai Mountain Shop after using it. Players are able to use Magatama and exchange for rewards. Divine Dragon Magatama will disappear after the event ends.

3. Mashin Hero Wataru Crossover Gashapon
Event Date: Nov 1, 2020 – Dec 2, 2020
Golden Dragon’s Summon quest expires Dec 15, 2020 Divine Dragon Essence expires Dec 15, 2020 Gachapon Coin expires Dec 2, 2020

Event Details:
Get exclusive collab loot from this crossover Gashapon series!
1. All costumes in this Gashapon series can be broken down into Divine Dragon Essence. Use Divine Dragon Essence to exchange for all the costumes in this collab series, as well as the exclusive Divine Dragon Gashapon Coin.
2. Activate all the costumes of this collab series in the Adventure Handbook to complete the Golden Dragon’s Summon quest and obtain a collaboration-exclusive mount, Golden Dragon x1 before November 15, 2020 5 AM.

4. Box Of Goodies
Event Date: Nov 1, 2020 – Dec 2, 2020

Event Details:
During the event, the Big Cat Coin Shop will sell God’s Forging Box – Dragon God Sword for 8 Big Cat Coins each. Each account is limited to 200 purchases.

After using it, players can obtain Biotite x4~6, Broken Blade x30~50, Armor Shard x100, Necklace of Oblivion x1000, and one of the following random materials: Shining Holy Water x1, Rag Cape Shard x1, Shield Shard x1, Key of Clock Tower x1, Dim Dust x15, Hypnotic Log x50″

5. Event Merchant Gift Pack – Rapid Growth Gift Pack
Event Date: Nov 1, 2020 – Dec 2, 2020

Event Details:
During the event, the Official Event Cutie Mitt will have Rapid Growth Gift Pack for sale. Players who unlocked Little Savior series jobs can purchase it with 648 Big Cat Coins with a limit of 1 purchase per account.
The gift package is a very cost-effective gift package specially launched by Event Merchant Carter to aid the growth of Little Saviors! Open it to obtain the following items: Exclusive Job Potion x2100, to rapidly level up to T4! Random Little Savior Exclusive Class S Rune, a whole set of gear, including: Dragon King Sword x1, Rosa Bracelet x1, Iron Armor x1, Ancient Cape x1, Wolf Grandma’s Slippers x1, Powerful Ring x1, Matyr’s Leashx1.

6. Event Merchant Gift Pack – Job Changing Gift Box
Event Date: Nov 1, 2020 – Dec 2, 2020

Event Details:
During the event, the Official Event Cutie Mitt will be selling Job Changing Gift Box. Players who unlocked Little Savior series jobs can purchase it with 300 Big Cat Coins with no limit.
The gift package is prepared for Adventurers who want to experience Little Savior with multiple characters. After using it, the player will obtain Divine Dragon Gashapon Coin x300 and Little Savior job change item Magatama x1.

7. Level Up!
Event Date: Nov 1, 2020 – Dec 2, 2020

Achieve 3rd job or 4th job within a certain period to obtain the rewards.
Event Details:
During the event, players who unlocked Little Savior series jobs can accept the quest. Get strong quickly!
Within a certain period, players who managed to achieve 3rd job with X Event Class can obtain Glittering Rune Stone x10, Gold Medal x15, Valkyrie’s Gift x15
Those who achieved 4th job with X Event Class can obtain special costume Genesis – Rochet x1, Glittering Rune Stone – Star x5, Zeny x2M

8. In This World, I Am Still A Little Savior!
Event Date: Nov 8, 2020 – Nov 15, 2020

Event Background:
Fortune-teller Leona sensed a hint of evil energy during a daily reading. After meticulous analysis and calculation, Leona realized Demon King Doakudar had arrived at Midgard!

Before Doakudar becomes too powerful, Leona is requesting aid from Adventurers to team up with Ikusabe Wataru and defeat Doakudar!

1. Maximum number of players in an instance: 30.
2. A massive amount of Divine Dragon Magatama will drop in the instance dungeon.
3. Daily limit of Divine Dragon Magatama acquirable from the instance dungeon: 60, all the characters in the account share progress for this event.
4. Defeating 30 Magic Soldiers can unlock the event-exclusive title Little Savior.
5. No combat time is consumed in the instance dungeon.”

9. Do You Still Remember Me?
Event Date: Nov 22, 2020 – Nov 29, 2020

Event Background:
After eliminating the evil forces of Doakudar, it’s time for Tsurugibe Shibaraku to go back to Sokai Mountain. However before Tsurugibe Shibaraku returns, he has one request: To understand how well Adventurers know of him and Sokai Mountain. Of course, he is naturally concerned about his reputation with Midgard adventurers.

Event Details:
1. Adventurers with base level higher than 12 can look for Tsurugibe Shibaraku at Prontera North Gate and answer his question.
2. Items obtained from answering one question daily: Tsurugibe Shibaraku’s Gift x1, Divine Dragon Magatama x30, Divine Dragon Gashapon Coin x20


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