Ragnarok Tactics Global ***Important Server Announcement***

Server Merger Announcement 

Dear Summoners, 

In order to bring everyone an excellent game experience, on Monday September 28th from 18:00~21:00 we will be merging servers. Please make sure to log off before the maintenance period begins. If the maintenance period goes on longer or finishes sooner we will post the updated completion time on our official social media pages.  

Because of the inconvenience the server merger will cause, after the maintenance we will be sending out rewards with our thanks to everyone for their support! 

Server Merger Content 

Server Merger Guide 


Server merge rom


Changes After Server Merge 

  1. Game Log In: after the server merge, the original server name will be unified with the original name(For example, players on “Chaos 3” will migrate to “Chaos 1” server after the merge.)
  2. After the merge, if there are more than one character in the sever, a character menu will pop up upon server selection. You can then select the character you wish to play. 

Game Information: 

-  After the server merge, the original character information, guild information, event progress, adventure progress, days on the monthly card, etc. will be retained.

-  After the merge the arena rank and player points will be reset. 


Please Note: 


If there is a duplicate character name after the servers are merged, the master server will not be changed. If other players who are merged into the master server have the same name, they will be asked to change names when entering the game. (For example, Both Chaos-1 and Chaos-5 have characters called Kingsland. After the servers are merged, the Kingsland player of Chaos-5 will log into the new merged server “Chaos-1” and will be asked to change their name.)  


Since arena is reset at 5:00 am PDT every week, all player points and arena rankings will be reset after the server consolidation. Players are asked not to engage in any arena related activities on September 28th from 5:00 PDT – 18:00 PDT. If before the server merge the numbers of times are deducted, no replacements will be given.  


Since the pairing of guilds in Guild Wars will change after the servers are merged, all guilds are required to re-register for Guild Wars. Please do not forget! 

If player runs into any issues after the server merge is completed, please make sure to visit our support center here and submit a ticket with a detailed explanation of the issue encountered. (Please note that if this is the first time you are visiting our support center, you will be required to register, verify, and login to the verified account before being able to submit a ticket.) If there are any additional updates at any time, the explanation above will be updated.  

We thank you for your patience and understanding while the server merge is underway!   


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