Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [SEA and GLOBAL Servers] Maple Leaf and Frost Domain Update

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[SEA Server] [Global Server information below]

Update Notes

1) New Maps – Maple Leaf Faramita and Frost Domain

A mysterious magical power has emerged, and an unknown space inside the Divine Tree has unexpectedly appeared. Outside Luoyang city, the final chapter of the story is unveiling. Vague memories will be revealed, and the truth of the past will gradually be brought to light.

1.1) 2 Open-World Maps: Maple Leaf Faramita and Frost Domain

* You will be able to accept Maple Leaf Faramita’s main quest “Leading to the Unknown” once you have reached base level 100 and completed Wasteland’s main quest “Shattered Sky”.

*Upon completion of Wasteland’s Main Quest “Shattered Sky”, you may look for Yggdrasil Spirit in Wasteland to be teleported to Maple Leaf Faramita

*Frost Domain can be accessed from the portal on the top right of Maple Leaf Faramita

*There is a chance to obtain “Air of Chaos” when Adventurers defeat monsters in Maple Leaf Faramita and Frost Domain

*”Air of Chaos” will erode the sanity of Adventurers. As Adventurers gain more “Air of Chaos”, they will be able to see monsters which previously did not exist on the map. Once the monsters are unveiled, they will attack Adventurers automatically. For the brave Adventurers who defeat these monsters, they wil be rewarded with Crystal of Chaos.

1.2) Newly added Divine Tree

*Divine Tree Spirit is located at the same spot in both Maple Leaf Faramita and Frost Domain; both are interrelated

*You may obtain attribute bonus to the corresponding map after using resources to light up the Divine Tree Spirit in Maple Leaf Faramita. Both Divine Tree spirits gives the same attribute bonus.

1.3) Newly added Ruins

Three types of ruins in Maple Leaf Faramita:

- Time Backtracking Device

- Depraved Magic Column

- Ice Dragon Divine Column

*Time Backtracking Device: Able to revive the rare elites in the map. Requires materials to activate it.

*Depraved Magic Column: Crystal of Chaos is consumed to exchange for equipment enhancement material

*Ice Dragon Divine Column: To change weather conditions in Maple Leaf Faramita

In the Frost Domain ruin stands a “Frost Statue”

*Frost Statue: Exchange for permanent attributes bonus reward with “Air of Chaos”. After reaching the limit, you will be able to exchange for Zeny

1.4) Newly added quests

* New quests will be auto accepted once Adventurers arrive at the new maps

*Corresponding new quests can only be completed in the new maps. Adventurers will be randomly given 6 quests and Crystal of Chaos will be awarded once you have completed any of the 4 quests given. Crystal of Chaos can be used to exchange for equipment material

*Able to see the status of quest completion on the World Map

*Number of quests completed in Maple Leaf Faramita and Frost Domain are calculated separately

1.5) New rare elite monsters

*Upon your first defeat of an elite monster, you will receive Time Quicksand as reward

*Among the 20 types of rare elite monsters, some of them have a percentage to drop rare treasure blueprints. Explore the various ways on how they will appear!

* For the first 5 elite monsters you defeat daily, you will receive a reward box for each defeated elite monster. You can receive up to 5 reward boxes daily. This is limited to both Maple Leaf Faramita and Wasteland maps only.

* World MVP Incantation Samurai will spawn at every even-numbered hour displayed on the top left of the screen in Maple Leaf Faramita. You will receive a huge amount of Time Quicksand reward after defeating World MVP Incantation Samurai successfully.

Reward is limited to once weekly and only obtainable when you defeat either World MVP Incantation Samurai OR World MVP Dragon Bone. There is a chance of obtaining Gondole Blade for defeating World MVP Incantation Samurai, which you may use to unlock rewards for the whole server.

1.6) Newly added side quests in Maple Leaf Faramita

*Obtain these side quests after character base level has reached 100: “Bye, Maple Leaf Faramita”, “Maplewood Phantom”, “Nibelungen’s Gold”

* Obtain Time Quicksand reward after completing the side quests

1.7) Newly added Accessory Quest in Maple Leaf Faramita

* Able to accept Accessory quest “Moon Talk” from NPC Brightnight located on the left side of the map after your base level has reached 100

1.8) Certain NPC with available quests will only appear at certain timings or weather conditions

1.9) Treasure Hunt quest in Maple Leaf Faramita

*Chance of obtaining “Old Hand” and “Dusk Compass” after defeating monsters in Maple Leaf Faramita

*After using either the “Old Hand” and “Dusk Compass” item, Adventurers will be able to accept a quest and obtain rewards.

2) Updated Main Quest in Luoyang

* Adventurers who have completed “Dancing in the Smoke” can proceed to Luoyang and look for Lady White who is getting ready to go on the Yujo Dance Stage at Riddle Suare to start her new journey. As Lady White walks up to the stage which is the aspiration of all Luoyang girls, she can’t help but worry as she is unsure of what’s in store for Luoyang and the consequences of her actions. The dark forces have already laid their traps, how will the Adventurers break through the darkness?

*After you have completed all the main quests in Luoyang and obtained the achievement, you will receive “Long Night Bell” costume and tail equip “Poison Drinking Snakes and Scorpions

*To obtain Wind Tide White Deer mount, you will have to complete and obtain the following achievements: “Long Dream Coming to an End”, “Recalling the Past”, “Unexpected Encounter” and “Maple Fallen Time”

*Rance, the fish farmer, has brought his collection of Red Fish weapons to Luoyang Square. Adventurers who have completed Main Quest “The Truth in the Fog” will be able to purchase vouchers and exchange for the weapon that you have been eyeing from the Red Fish series!

Adventurers who have completed the main quest will receive a free voucher to exchange for Red Fish Weapons~

3) Newly added Luoyang Wandering Bards quest

*Able to accept “Farewell Light” and “Roderick and Geffgal” from Luoyang Wandering Bard Surloa once your base level has reached 135

4) Newly added Dragon City Luoyang wild map “Anecdote Quests”
* You will be able to trigger the first quest series for Sunset Beach and Whitebait Lake Bottom once your base level has reached 15

*Sunset Beach: “Torn Space”, “Snake Demon Gorgons”, “Androgynous Civil Servant”, “Black Market Merchant”, “Panda Poring” and “Reserve Trial”

*Whitebait Lake bottom: “Dragon Soul Gate”, “Orgelmir’s Flower”, “Water Spirit”, “Poi Tata”, “Whitebait” and “Salted Fish with a Dream”

5) Newly added Stake

*Adventurers can proceed to Sjilly at Prontera near the Stakes to check on your ranking for damage done on the Stakes

*Damage ranking will be based on the number of hits landed in the Adventurer’s home, according to their job class and strength

*Each list will only show the first 50 names

*Unable to use artifact at home

6) Increase the survivability of Emperium during Guild showdowns

* Emperium HP during Guild Battle has been increased from 5M to 8M; Emperium HP during Final Guild Battle has been increased from 18M to 25M

* Additional attributes for Emperium: Single damage done will not be larger than 1/30 of their HP

7) Newly added attribute type: “Bleeding Attack”, “Bleeding Resistance”, “Dark Blow”, “Darkness Resistance”

8) Newly added cards obtainable via Combined Fate:

- “Miss Tahnee Card”

- “Ktullanux Card”

- “”Hill Wind Card””

- “Gloom Under Night Card”

- “Basilisk Card”

- “Gazeti Card”

- “Galion Card”

- “Fallen Bishop Card”

9) New cards obtainable from Battle of Cake shop. You may use White Snow Marshmallow to exchange.

These new cards will be available in the shop on the following Monday at 5:00.



1) Reduce impact of EXP gain and drop rate due to the level gap

1.1) Drop Rate Adjustment:

* (Character Level – Monster Level) ≤ 30, Drop Rate 100%

Example: Character level 50 battles Monster level 40.

The difference in levels is 10 which is ≤ 30.

Your drop rate in this battle will be 100%

* (Character Level – Monster Level) within 31 to 40, Drop Rate 90%

* (Character Level – Monster Level) within 41 to 50, Drop Rate 80%

* (Character Level – Monster Level) within 51 to 60, Drop Rate 70%

* (Character Level – Monster Level) within 61 to 70, Drop Rate 60%

* (Character Level – Monster Level) > 70, Drop Rate 50%

Example: Character level 100 battles Monster level 10.

The difference in levels is 90 which is >70.

Your drop rate in this battle wil be 50%

1.2) EXP Gain Adjustment

* (Character Level – Monster Level) < – 20, EXP Gain 80%

Example: Character level 50 battles Monster level 80.

The difference in levels is -30 which is ≤ -20.

Your EXP gained in this battle will be 80%”

* (Character Level – Monster Level) within -11 to -20, EXP Gain 90%

* (Character Level – Monster Level) within -10 to 10, EXP Gain 100%

* (Character Level – Monster Level) within 11 to 15, EXP Gain 90%

* (Character Level – Monster Level) within 16 to 20, EXP Gain 80%

* (Character Level – Monster Level) within 21 to 25, EXP Gain 70%

* (Character Level – Monster Level) within 26 to 30, EXP Gain 60%

* (Character Level – Monster Level) > 30, EXP Gain 50%

Example: Character level 100 battles Monster level 20.

The difference in levels is 80 which is > 30.

Your EXP gained in this battle will be 50%

2) Enhancement on Pet System

* Removed 3 items:

“Pet Adventure Guide”

“Labour Travelling Machine”

“Pet Handbook”

These have been combined into a “Marvelous Pet Bag” which is a combination of Pet EXP, work and handbook.

* “Marvelous Pet Bag” is available for newly created characters who have completed the Pet Guide quest.

3) Optimization of Wasteland: Tristan’s Invitation

*Tristan has adjusted the difficulty level for every round of the mini games, and even changed some of the monsters

* While the Adventurers are in mini game mode, pets, mounts and KittyCat will be waiting outside the game patiently

*Tristan will protect the Adventurers from any damage when they are in the midst of matching the cards

*If it’s the first time both cards are being flipped open, there will be no time penalty

* New skills in Monster Photography:

① Defeat designated monsters in seconds

② Knockback within range

③ Refresh monsters in current round “

* Sometimes, Tristan will reward you with:

- Items that award extra time for your next round of mini game or

- Items that you can use in the game

Instant Completion is available for both modes: Monster Photo Contest and Monster Quiz. You will complete the current round instantly and proceed to the next.

“Hint” is added for Card Matching. A pair of matching cards will be flipped open once it is used.

*Tristan will open up challenge mode once Adventurer has completed 10 levels. Adventurers are welcomed to take part in the challenge and earn themselves a spot in the leaderboard

*Play counts will not be affected if Adventurers managed to pass the level

*Cards stuck during the matching of cards have been fixed

4) Enhancement of the dead MVP’s summoning in Oracle dungeon: Different difficulty levels of the dead MVP may be summoned in different difficulty modes of the Oracle dungeon.

5) Improved “Prepare for Elite” skill: Skills equipped in “Prepare for Elite” skill will not be affected even if you have changed your class

6) Gorgeous Card Album, Emil Card Album, Hardcover Emil Card Album, Magic Card Album can be opened in batches

7) Complete series of costumes for Doram: Flower Demon Night Fashion Series Costume, Han Style Costume Series Costume, Moonlight Clothing Series Costume, Monster Pajamas Series Costume, Deep Sea Lover Series Costume, Coco Brûlée Kitty Series Fashion, Princess and Dragon Series Costume

8) Costumes and mounts with skills can be accessed from Adventure Handbook

9) Refined function optimization: Able to use Magic Sewing Machine even without completing the quest required to unlock it.

10) More choices of hair colours are available in Prontera’s Barber Shop

11) Option to use Belief Token during Guild Blessing

12) Panda Poring’s favourite “Delicious Bamboo Shoots” and Lantern Fisherman’s favourite Fresh Shrimps are added in “Random Pet Catching Material” which is obtainable from “Daily Special Offer Adventure Gift Box”

13) Adventurers can choose to craft equipment in more quantities

14) Adventurers can choose more than 1 equipment to salvage at once

15) A red dot prompt will be displayed on the Auction House button when your item for sale is unsuccessful and can be retrieved

16) Quest items for Wasteland and Dragon Dreamland’s Yggdrasil Spirit “Echo Conch”, “Mysterious Reflection Mirror” and “Tattered Bag” have been adjusted to be unavailable for sale.

17) Improvements to content

* Fixed some copywriting errors

* Improved content of some quests

* Improved display of the quest guide

* Adjusted the location of Seabed Collectible model

* Quests that can be attempted more than once: Starry Night, Solar Brilliance, Sunset Lovers (and related quests), Rescue the Adventure Team, Wasteland Treasure, Underwater Cave Collectible, Saint of Salvation (4th Transfer Job quest for Priest)


1) Fixed the bug which rendered Adventurers unable to accept quest for job change at Job Level 40

2) Fixed “Endure -Unlimited” from Knight’s Aesir Monument

3) Level 5 of Dark Contract “Obtain 10 Souls” has been changed to “Obtain the maximum amount of souls available”

4) Effect of Merging Curse – Star Rune for triggering “Taboo Fuse” has been changed to resoring all HP and HP regen 5% thereafter

5) Resurrect Homunculus: Improved Max HP, normal attack and magic attack

6) Certain skills such as “Kyrie Eleison”, “Aspersio” cannot be put into “Prepare for Elite”

7) Fixed the bug whereby “Sword Parry” is able to parry “Sky Breaking Dragon Fist”

8) Fixed the bug whereby Majestic Echo triggered by Eulogy Poem – Star rune does not deal damage

9) Fixed the bug which rendered Adventurers unable to use normal attack after using “Plagiarism” on “Steel Body”

10) Fixed Giant Fly Wing which was not affected by hunting

11) Fixed the bug of being restrained even after using “Freedom Vow”

12) Fixed the bug whereby those summoned by Homunculus Synthesis are abnormal

13) Fixed abnormality of shield skill and “Flying Chair” effect stacks

14) Fixed issue of inability to put Life Psychic in “Prepare for Elite”

15) Fixed the cooldown of level 4 “Spell Casting Banned”

16) Fixed the issue whereby duration of skill increases 1 second for every level of Hiss – Endurance

17) Fixed the clone display of Silence Vow that displays error

18) Fixed the display of Aesir Monument’s effect on “Frost Diver”

19) Did not receive 4 types of element blessings by the elf after using “Wormtail Sleep Talk” is fixed

20) Illusion Puppet is unable to ensemble under specific conditions is fixed

21) Thunder Lightning Runes causing Electrify Field to not take into effect is fixed

22) Life Bond – Star Rune’s description shows that skill will be used twice but shows once only is fixed

23) Decreased damage taken with Consciousness Awakening is fixed

24) Missing effect description on “Templar Choir” is fixed

25) First revive after death with “Taboo Fuse” does not regenerate HP

26) Delayed response with “Frenzy” is fixed

27) Double Attack is triggered when not learnt, or triggering of wrong skill level is fixed

28) Damage inflicted by “Star Arrows” is not affected by enhancement is fixed

29) Display of ranking on Guild Log GVG differs from the ranking shown after GVG (if both have the same score)

30) Gale Lightning – Star Rune’s “Cursed Circle” does not become fire attribute

31) Missing effects for Swift Storm – Star Rune is fixed

32) Fixed the bug whereby Eddga Card is lost after using “Freedom Vow”

33) Wrong display of Red Seal’s name in Exchange is fixed

34) Wrong classification of “Bloody Knight Card” in Exchange is fixed

35) Wrong display of The Ancient One’s Staff name in Exchange is fixed

36) Fixed the bug whereby “Baphomet Card” does not take effect which equipped on “Fire Element” equipment

37) Unable to list “Leaf Rosette” in Exchange is fixed

[Global Server Updates]

========New Content=======


1. New map and new content —— Maple Leaf Faramita and Frost Domain


1) Two new maps: Maple Leaf Faramita and Frost Domain


* Adventurers who reach Base level 100 and finish Wasteland quest “Shattered Sky” will be able to advance to the new maps


2) New Spirit Tree


3) New Map Device


4) New Adventure Missions


5) New Elite Monsters


* There will be a total of 20 new elite monsters in the new maps. Some of them will drop rare blueprint. Enjoy your exploration~


* New MVP in Maple Leaf Faramita, World MVP Incantation Samurai will spawn in the Northwest corner every 2 hours


6) Maple Leaf Faramita Side Mission


* All the Maple Leaf Faramita side quests will be available for adventurers with base level 100 and above


7) Maple Leaf Faramita Accessory


* Back Accessory “Moon Talk” mission will be available on the West side of Maple Leaf Faramita


8) Maple Leaf Faramita map will spawn hidden quest NPCs during certain weather or time periods.


9) New Maple Leaf Faramita Treasure


2. New main story mission for Luoyang City


3. New Minstrel quest for Luoyang City


4. New anecdote quests for Luoyang Area


* Adventurers with Base level 15 will be able to accept the anecdote quests for Sunset Beach and Whitebait Lake Map


5. Damage Test Dummy and DPS Leaderboard


6. Increase the health point of GvG and GvG Final Battle Crystal


* The GVG Emperium Crystal’s HP is increased from 5 million HP to 8 million HP, The GVG Final Battle Emperium Crystal’s HP is increased from 18 million HP to 25 million HP.


* New mechanic: The maximum damage dealt to GVG Emperium Crystal for a single hit cannot exceed 1/30 of the Crystal’s HP.


7. New Game Mechanic Features: “Bleeding Chance”, “Bleeding Resistance”. “Dark Chance”. “Dark Resistance”(“Abnormal Stats chance/Resistance” also affect those 4 stats)


8. New MVP cards added to King Poring’s Combined Fate feature.


9. Cake Battle Store also sells cards.


========Game Optimization=======


1. Decrease the EXP and loot punishment due to level differential


1) Loot Optimization:


* Player level – Monster level ≤ 30, loot ratio 100%


* 31 ≤ Player level – Monster level ≤ 40, loot ratio 90%


* 41 ≤ Player level – Monster level ≤ 50, loot ratio 80%


* 51 ≤ Player level – Monster level ≤ 60, loot ratio 70%


* 61 ≤ Player level – Monster level ≤ 70, loot ratio 60%


* Player level – Monster level > 70, loot ratio 50%


2) Exp Optimization:


* -10 ≤ Player level – Monster level ≤ 10, Exp ratio 100%


* 10 < Player level – Monster level ≤ 20, Exp ratio 90%


* Player level – Monster level ≤ -20, Exp ratio 80%


* 10 ≤ Player level – Monster level < 15, Exp ratio 90%


* 15 ≤ Player level – Monster level < 20, Exp ratio 80%


* 20 ≤ Player level – Monster level < 25, Exp ratio 70%


* 25 ≤ Player level – Monster level < 30, Exp ratio 60%


* Player level – Monster level ≥ 30, Exp ratio 50%


2. Pet System Optimization


* Remove “Pet Adventure Guide” “Labor Traveling Machine” “Pet Handbook” items, combine those three into the “Marvelous Pet Bag” item which includes all three features.


3. Wasteland Optimization


* Decrease the difficulties of certain mini games.


* During the mini-game, your pets, mounts, and mercenary cats will not be teleported into the mini-game map.


* Adventurers will not be damaged during the matching card games.


4. Optimized the Revenant MVP in Oracle dungeon: The Revenant MVP can be spawned in any difficulties of Oracle Dungeon without completion requirements.


5. Optimized the skill “Prepare for Elite”: the skills you put in “Prepare for Elite” will be saved for your classes. So you don’t have to redo it when switching classes.


6. All the card album items can be opened with multiple ones at a time


7. More Costume Models available for Doram Race


8. Adventure Handbook Optimization: All the mount item skills will be available after putting in Adventure Handbook


9. Equipment Reinforce Optimization: Magic Sewing Machine will be unavailable for the characters who have not finished the “Equipment Enhance Mission”


10. New Prontera barbershop


11. Guild Pray Feature added an option to choose to use “Belief Token” or not


12. Added New pet’s item “Delicious Bamboo Shoots” for Panda Porings and “Fresh Shrimps” for Lantern Fisherman.


13. Adventurers can craft multiple pieces of equipment at a time


14. Equipment Salvage: Adventurers can salvage multiple pieces of equipment at a time


15. Auction House: If your items have not been chosen, there will be a red dot notification on the Auction House button.


16. Wasteland Mission items “Echo Conch”. “Mysterious Reflection Mirror” and “Tattered Bag” can not be sold


17. Mission Optimization


* Fixed certain mission text error


* Optimized certain mission’s mechanics


* Optimized the mission guide panel


* Optimized the random treasure box


* Optimized the location for certain collectible items


* Reset the following missions: Starry Night. Solar Brilliance. Sunset Lovers Series. Rescue the Adventure Team. Wasteland Treasure. Underwater Cave Collectible. Saint of Salvation(Priest 4th-job quest)


========Issue Fixed=======


1. Fixed the issue with certain adventurers not able to accept the job change quest


2. Fixed the issue with Knight “Endure -Unlimited” skill not effective


3. “Dark Contract” Lv.5 effect “Obtain 10 souls” changed to “Obtain to the maximum souls”


4. Rune “Merging Curse – Star Rune” effect “When the Taboo Fusion is triggered, restore full HP” changed to “When the Taboo Fusion is triggered, restore full HP and keep the effect of recovering 5% of HP per second”


5. Increase Homunculus’ survivability and damage


6. Fixed the issue with certain skills failed to work with adventure skill “Prepare for Elite”, such as “Kyrie Eleison”, “Aspersio”


7. Fixed the issue with the skill “Sword Parry” able to block “Sky Breaking Dragon Fist”


8. Fixed the issue with the skill rune “Eulogy Poem – Star Rune” triggered skill “Majestic Echo” not dealing any damage


9. Fixed the issue with the skill “Plagiarism” not able to auto-attack after use on a target with “Steel Body”


10. Fixed the issue with “Giant Fly Wing” not compatible with Accurate Hunting


11. Fixed the issue with the skill “Freedom Vow” not working as stated


12. Fixed the issue with the skill “Homunculus Merge” causing issues with summoned Homunculus.


13. Fixed the issue with shield skills not compatible with the “Flying Chair” effect.


14. Fixed the issue with the skill “Prepare for Elite” not compatible with the skill “Life Psychic”


15. Fixed the issue with the skill “Counter Spell” level 4 not increase enough cooldown time as stated


16. Fixed the issue with the skill “Hiss – Endurance” not working properly


17. Fixed the display issue with the skill “Silence Vow”


18. Fixed the issue with the skill “Frost Diver”


19. Fixed the issue with Wildfire skill ”Super Spring Flashing Slash” able to target teammates.


20. Fixed the issue with “Bloody Knight Card”’s category issue


21. Fixed the issue with “Baphomet Card” not working properly with “Wildfire” class


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