Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [All Servers] Ronin Warriors Crossover Event!

Ronin Warriors Crossover 3

Ragnarok M x Ronin Warriors Crossover Start!

The Ragnarok M x Ronin Warriors Crossover Event starts on August 1st!

The five Ronin Warriors will cross the gates of space and time to visit Rune Midgard!

In this event, you’ll be able to become a true hero and fight the forces of evil!

>>Limited Edition Class<<


In the crossover event, the characters will join the game as a limited edition class! Become the “Warrior of Wildfire” “and get their signature moves: “Twin Flame Slash” and “Ryo Sanada’s Rage”


Experience the unmatched power of the “Fire Sword and advance to the “Inferno Armor” to obtain even more power! Defeat the evil masters to get Shadow Shards!



>>Limited Edition Costume<<


New Ronin Warriors Costume Series!


Wear the Samurai Armors and hold the power of the elements!


 ROM Ronin warriors image 2


Ronin Warriors Crossover


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