Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [Global]: Neon Genesis Evangelion Event

EVA Global


Ragnarok M x EVA | Children Awakening Program, the adventure made just for you.


Event 1: Neon Genesis Evangelion is coming to Ragnarok M!


[Evangelion Unit] let’s meet the EVA Pilots traveling through time and space at Prontera Square!


During the event, adventurers can accept the “Shito Investigation” quest from NPC “Kiku” everyday. You will receive the following items when you finished each quest, 2 [EVA Unit Pilot's Licenses], 1 [NERV Reinforcement Package], 1 [L.C.L Potion], 20 [NERV Badge], receive a [Unit-05 Helmet Blueprint] when finished the last quest.


Tips: This event is limited to one character under an account:


Mission accept time: August 31st  ~September 18th


Mission finish time: September 10th   ~ September 30th


Event 2: [Tokyo-3 instance] let’s fight along with EVA to defeat Shito!


1. During the event, Adventurers can team up and go to NPC-D at Prontera Square to enter [Tokyo-3 instance].


2. When you finished the first instance of the day, you will receive 5 [NERV Commendation Chest]. You will also receive certain [NERV Commendation Chest] as extra when unlock EVA headwear or costume:


Unlocks 1 Headwear, receive 1 extra [NERV Commendation Chest]


Unlocks 3 Headwear, receive 2 extra [NERV Commendation Chest]


Unlocks 5 Headwear, receive 3 extra [NERV Commendation Chest]


Unlocks 7 Headwear, receive 4 extra [NERV Commendation Chest]


Unlocks 9 Headwear, receive 5 extra [NERV Commendation Chest]


3. You will only receive rewards for the first win of the day.


4. After finishing the levels, the system will give rating to all the players based on killing scores. Each rating rewards can be claimed once.


Finish within 241 to 300 sec, will receive rating “NERV Operation Assistant”, rewards 1 [NERV Superior Battle Chest]


Finish within 211 to 240 sec, will receive rating “NERV Operation Director”, rewards 2 [NERV Superior Battle Chest]


Finish within 181 to 210 sec, will receive rating “NERV Deputy Commander”, rewards 2 [NERV Deluxe Battle Chest]


Finish within 1 to 180 sec, will receive rating “NERV Commander”, rewards 5 [NERV Deluxe Battle Chest]


[NERV Badge]: to exchange avatar, card, etc. in EVA store.


Open up [NERV Superior Battle Chest] will receive 50 [NERV Badge]


Open up [NERV Deluxe Battle Chest] will unlock title [The Child], and get 100[NERV Badge]


Tips:  Only NERV Commander and NERV Deputy Commander ratings are able to unlock the title [The Child]  (From achievement)


Event time: August 31st   ~ September 21st


Event 3: [NERV Store] available for limited time only!


Adventurers will be able to exchange Unit-01 card, Asuka card, PenPen Monster egg with [NERV Badge] at NPC-C [NERV Store] on Prontera Square
Event time: August 31st  – September 30th


Event 4: [EVA Premium] on sale for limited time!


[EVA Premium] card will be on sale at Big Cat Coin for limited time only. It sales for 128 Big Cat Coin, use it to receive 100 [NERV Badge], 500 [Colorful Shell], and 1 [4th Shito Monster Egg]


Event time: August 31st   ~ September 30th


Event 5: Unit-01 costume Live Auction!


Auction for an exclusive costume [Unit-01], the one the only for the whole server!


1. Receiving [Unit-01] costume will unlock skill [Frenzy]


2. Receiving [Unit-01] costume will unlock achievement “EVA-01 TEST TYPE”, and title”EVA-01″!


3. When taking a photo of [Unit-01], it will unlock a secret scenery [Violet Unit-01] and achievement  [EVA Observer].


Event time: September 15th


Event 6: EVA gachapon is coming! All the EVA costumes and headwear will be available for a limited time only.


“Fantasy Generator·Feast”——”EVA”


“EVA”series costume and headwear will have 10 more times to be drawn for limited time only.


During the event, adventurers can head into Prontera Square and look for the EVA Gachapon, it will cost 30 big cat coin per draw.


Event time: August 31st   ~ September 30th


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