Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Battle of Kafra Update

ROM Global maintenance notice

Dear adventurers,We have scheduled server maintenance on May 15th, from 2:00AM to 5:00AM (US-Mountain Daylight Time) (Global Server) and 12:00PM to 6:00PM (GMT+7) (SEA Server), to process a new update patch. During the maintenance, players will not be able to log into the game. After the maintenance, we will send 4x “Adventurer Coins”, 4x “Hot Meal”, and 4x “Lightning Chain” as compensation rewards. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The update is as follows:

1. “Battle of Kafra” is now available!

A. Event time: Every Tuesday night 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM (US-Mountain Daylight Time)(GMT+7)

B. Event guide: At every Tuesday night 7:50 PM to 8:10 PM (US-Mountain Daylight Time)(GMT+7), adventurers can enter the dungeon through Prontera South Gate Guard NPC to challenge the Primeval Boss and protect Prontera. As the Primeval Boss’s HP goes down, there will be “Demon Crystal” and “Guardian Medal” dropped as loots. When the Primeval Boss is defeated, it will drop a ”Costume·I, the Steward“ and a “Costume·I, the Maiden”. The costume loot will not alternate to fit your character, it can be put on the Exchange and change costume’s gender.

C. “Demon Crystal” is the “Battle of Kafra” exclusive reward, use it open up the shop. Adventurers can exchange Headwear “Katyusha Wrapping Lace”, “Steward Top Hat”, “Steward Briefcase”, and “NEIKO”.

Bug fix:

1. Fixed the icon issue in guild UI

2. Fixed the icon issue in Pet Labor UI

3. “Light Fairy Card” will be available at King Poring



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