Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [SEA Server] Ep 4.0: City in the Sky Update

EP4.0 Let’s fly to the “Castle in the Sky”

To the north of Al de Baran there lies a legendary city. You must pass through volcanic caves, trek across the iron mountains and climb to the highest peak. There, you will find the City in the Sky: Juno
I’ve heard that Juno is a place where dreams can take flight!

3rd Class is now available for Adventurers who have reached their 2nd Class and JOB Lv.70!
There are currently 10 Jobs for the 3rd Class
Priest: Arch Bishop, Shura
Thief: Guillotine Cross, Shadow Chaser
Swordman: Rune Knight, Royal Guard
Mage: Warlock
Archer: Ranger
Merchant: Mechanic, Geneticist

The Rune Knight and the Royal Guard have a new exclusive mount, and the Ranger also has a powerful wolf. The Mechanic can create his own super cool “Mech”…
Now, let’s check all the 3rd Classes! Juno, here we come!

ROM 4.0 update classes ROM Dragon Knight and Royal Guard


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