RE:START Guilds – Send us your WoE videos!



Ragnarok RE:START’s official War of Emperium has begun!

Saturdays | 9:00–11:00AM PDT



We want YOU to send us Replay videos of your guild in action during WoE!

We will use the videos sent to us to create a compilation video celebrating WoE on RE:START!


Here’s how to do it:


  • Make sure you record your gameplay in game using the Record button in your client:
    rec.png rec2.png
  • When you’re finished recording, you can access your saved Replay file in the game client folder.
    To get there the easy way.
    Right click your game client > Properties > Open File Location
    takes you straight to your RE:START folder.
    Once you’re there, look for the Replay folder and find your file inside.
  • Attach this video to a ticket to the Support Team (Support Page here) with the subject line RE:START WoE Video Submission.
    In your ticket, please include the following information:
    Video Title:
    Guild Name:
    IGN of Submitter:
    Timestamp of Fight:



We’ll take the highlights of your submissions and compile them in a fun video!

Good luck during WoE, and send us your best!


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