Ragnarok M: Eternal Love [SEA and Global Servers] The Sakura Party Event

ROM Sakura Party Image

SEA Server Event Information [Global Server details below]


Famed designer Arles has arrived in Prontera and is looking for hardy adventurers to help him get his inspiration back. Join him in an all-new series of quests!
See event details: https://sea.ragnaroketernallove.com/news/Sakura-Party-Events



Global Server Event Information

Hit the “New Event” button and get in on the Poring Beatdown for a chance to win a rare Sakura Season Card, Big Cat Voucher I, Big Cat Voucher·Feast, and more.
Full event details: https://na.ragnaroketernallove.com/news/Sakura-Party




Ragnarok Labyrinth Global Launch Announcement





Gravity Globally Launches New RPG ‘Ragnarok: Labyrinth’ on March 23 


Ragnarok: Labyrinth is targeted at global users with game elements unlike existing     Ragnarok IP-based games. 

The game will support users worldwide with 11 different language options.  


SEOUL, South Korea-Gravity Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRVY) launched the new role-playing game Ragnarok: Labyrinth globally on March 23excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, China, and Japan. 


Ragnarok: Labyrinth is a role playing game developed using Gravity’s Ragnarok IP featuring memorable stages and monsters from the Ragnarok world. In addition, Ragnarok: Labyrinth will also include unique new maze dungeons.  


Gravitys plan to target users with gameplay elements that is unique to Ragnarok: Labyrinth from the existing Ragnarok IP-based games. Sharevice, a unique feature to Ragnarok: Labyrinth will enable users to grow characters by sharing them with other users. 


“We developed this game to be different from other games using the Ragnarok IP. To ensure a user-friendly experience, Ragnarok: Labyrinth was developed with simple character growth in mind. In addition, a variety of content such as Labyrinth and PVP, were introduced to ensure an interactive and enjoyable game experience,” said John Lee, Project manager of the title. 


Following the game’s release in five Southeast Asian countries on October 2020, Ragnarok: Labyrinth has been ranked the third most popular game and the seventh bestselling game in Google Play Store in Thailand. 


To improve user accessibility, Ragnarok: Labyrinth was released with 11 language options: Korean, English, Chinese (traditional, simplified), Tagalog, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Ragnarok: Labyrinth can be downloaded from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 


Ragnarok IP is considered Gravity’s flagship IP and as of December 2020 it recorded 100 million global cumulative downloads from just two games: Ragnarok Online, a PC game, and Ragnarok M, a mobile MMORPG. 


Official website of Gravity: http://www.gravity.co.kr/kr  

Ragnarok: Labyrinth: https://labyrinthragnarok.com/  


About Gravity 

Established in April 2000, during the early stages of the Korean online gaming industry, Gravity has been leading the golden age of online and mobile games. Gravity is the only game company in Korea that is directly listed on the NASDAQ. 


Gravity has been servicing games of various genres in Korea and abroad on the basis of the Ragnarok IPs, such as Ragnarok Online, a PC MMORPG with the largest user base in the world, Ragnarok M: Abyss Awakening and Assault! Ragnarok, which are mobile MMORPGs, and Ragnarok Tactics, a mobile Strategy RPG. Having recently released Ragnarok Origin, a mobile MMORPG, in the Korean market, Gravity is on the fast track by climbing to a high sales ranking in the top two game markets. 


Based on its powerful global network established through the success of Ragnarok Online, Gravity is also promoting the global publishing business to develop and distribute a range of platform and genre games as well as games using Ragnarok IPs. 



Gravity Co., Ltd. 

John sangyoub Lee sangyoub.lee@gravity.co.kr 02-2132-7511 


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love : Dragon Town LuoYang [EU Server]

ROM Global Dragon Town

Ragnarok M – EP7.0 Dragon City Luoyang – Available Today!

EP7.0 “Luoyang” is available now! Protect the Origin and transform into a new era!
The 4th-job Ascendancy is available to all 15 classes: New Job Change Quest “Hero’s Adoramus” is now available for Adventurers to complete and unlock the 4th job Ascendancy!
Base Level Cap has been raised to 160; Complete the Origin Quest to unlock the 4th-job classes
New Skills!
The first Chinese Style Map, “Luoyang” : Players above Lv.100 can accept the quest ”Winds of Fate” or go to Umbala to reach the new city of Luoyang!
New Dungeon, “Echoing Corridor” : More rewards are waiting for you here!
New Map, “Wasteland”!


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Slayers Crossover [SEA Servers]

ROM Slayer Crossover


Slayers x Ragnarok M: Eternal Love 2.0 Crossover Events

Slayer Event Puzzle

Event Duration

26 Feb 0500HRS ~ 23 Mar 0500HRS

25 Days

Event Details

1. During the event, there will be an “Event Puzzle” button appearing from the “New Event” button in the game interface. Click on it to enter the event interface.

2. The Slayer consists of 9 jigsaw puzzles, each corresponding to 1 of 9 quests respectively;

3. Participate in the event, collect puzzles, and receive special reward as players progress.

By lighting up each of the puzzles, players will claim Mysterious Box 2.0*1.

– Collect 3 pieces: Gold Medal x4, Praying Card Pack x4, Big Cat Voucher·Feast x30

– Collect 6 pieces: Oracle Dust x12, Oracle Crystal x12

– Collect 9 pieces: Mastela Fruit x1, Lina Card x1


1. This event is limited to one participation per account. All characters under one account will complete the progression together.


Check-in quest: Newcomer’s visit to the Otherworld (Series of quests)

Event Duration

26 Feb 0500HRS ~ 23 Mar 0500HRS

Event Background

A dangerous mutation has appeared in Prontera, involving Lina, Gourry, and Xellos who are coming to Midgards. In the meanwhile, another evil soul from the Otherworld has also been involved. It has possessed the body of the Strouf, manipulating sea creatures to fight against the people of Izlude. With help from Lina, Gourry, Xellos and others, adventurers will drive this evil soul out of the Strouf’s body, and save the entire sea and its people.

Event Details

Players and Lina will go on an adventure together in Prontera.

Complete quests to claim one Fire Dragon Treasure Box daily;

Complete Day 1, Day 5 quests to receive an event puzzle each,

Complete all 5 days to claim Cute Duh Mouth + Dragon Vex title + 2 puzzles.


1. This event is limited to one participation per account. The required base level is at least 12, please make sure you choose the right characters.

2. The latest time to accept the quest is one week before the event end time. Please be aware of related deadlines.

Event Reward

Fire Dragon Chest

Finish the first 5-day check-in to collect Cute Duh Mouth and a title

2 puzzles

Riddle: The Sound of Riddles – What Hides Within The Pot?

Event Duration

27 Feb 0500HRS ~ 6 Mar 0500HRS

7 Days

Event Details

A mysterious pot with monsters “sealed” inside will show up around the Prontera Fountain, and pose questions to adventurers passing by. Adventurers will receive gift packs by answering correctly. If their answer is incorrect, they will transform into octopus monsters and be in this state for 30s, (They cannot undo the transformation manually), and receive a Demon King’s Gift Box.

The riddles can only be answered once per day. Answer questions for 2 days to collect 2 puzzles.


1. This event is limited to one participation per account. Adventurers with base level ≥12 can accept the quests, please choose your characters carefully.

Event Reward

Demon King’s Giftbox

– Answer questions for 2 days to collect 2 puzzles

Divination: Lina’s Blessing

Event Duration

7 Mar 0500HRS ~ 14 Mar 0500HRS

7 Days

Event Details

Due to the arrival of Lina and others, learning magic is trending over the land of Midgard. Since not everyone is capable of learning magic, Lina has some advice to share with you, which can be viewed from Gregor around the fountain of Prontera.

This is a divination event. Flip cards to randomly collect a buff and a Gift from Another World.

Buff type: Magic and Normal ATK + 2%. Last for 30 min. Unable to use in PVP Solo/Party Maps. (still valid even after death or player disconnection).

Moving speed + 10%. Last for 30 min. Unable to use in PVP Solo/Party Maps.

Dex and Int + 5. Last for 30 min. Unable to use in PVP Solo/Party Maps.

SP recovery speed + 5%. Last for 30 min. Unable to use in PVP Solo/Party Maps.

Normal and Magic DEF + 5%. Last for 30 min. Unable to use in PVP Solo/Party Maps.

Event Reward

Gift from Another World – Flip twice to collect 2 puzzles

Event Dungeon: Invasion! Izlude in Danger!

Event Duration

15 March 0500HRS ~ 22 March 0500HRS

7 Days

Event Details

Being manipulated by the evil soul, the monsters, tranformed from the sea creatures, have attacked and controlled the Sunken Ship. According to information, those monsters are going to launch an attack to the Izlude Island. The captain of the Garrison asks for adventurers to help them repel the monsters.

Players can enter the dungeon any time and as many times as they want (after the entry, they will transform into Lina automatically), but collect rewards only once a day.

1. PVE single dungeon, only allows entry of one person even if he is with teammates. Other teammates cannot enter the dungeon at the same time.

2. In the dungeon, monsters will appear in several waves. A new area will be available with each wave. Monsters will defend in their corresponding areas.

3. After killing the monsters, players will gain Negative Force, with upper limit of 80 times a day. It will not reduce when players disconnect halfway.

4. If killed by monsters, players will leave the dungeon and return to Prontera South Gate.

5. This event will not consume combat time. Chains will not be effective. Players will be forced to leave the dungeon if they are no longer transformed.


Some of the monsters will silence players for a certain amount of time.

Event Reward

Seafood Refrigerator

Negative Energy

Kill 20,50 Specialty Octopus to receive a puzzle each

Obtain 220 Negative Energy to receive a piece of puzzle

Forging Box of the Gods – Magic Gloves

Event Duration

26 Feb 0500HRS ~ 23 Mar 0500HRS

25 Days

Event Details

During the event, Forging Box of the Gods – Magic Gloves will be available at the Gold Coin Shop with a price of 8 Big Cat Coins and a purchase limit of 200. This pack is specially designed for Slayer jobs. Open it to collect the exclusive weapon of Slayer jobs – Curse Gauntlets x1 and randomly receive one item of the following: Shining Holy Water x1, Little Red Hat x1, Shabby Cloak Fragment x1, Dragon Scale x1, Wraith Dust x15, Hypnotic Log x50.

Demon Whisperer Job Change Giftbox

Event Duration

26 Feb 0500HRS ~ 23 Mar 0500HRS

25 Days

Event Details

During the event, The Demon Whisperer Job Change Giftbox will be available at Cute Boy from Official Events. Unlock Slayer jobs to purchase the box. Each box costs 300 BigCat Coins without purchase limit, and is specially designed for adventurers who are interested in trying multiple characters of Slayers. Using it will ensure players to receive Slayer Gachapon Coins x300 and Slayer’s job change item Fragment of the Language of Chaos x1.

Other-dimensional Gachapon

Event Duration

26 Feb 0500HRS ~ 23 Mar 0500HRS

Monster Blood Jade Shard will be invalid after 6 April 2021

Event Details

During the event, a collab-exclusive gachapon – “Other-dimensional Gachapon” will be featuring on Prontera’s advertising board!

1. Inside the Other-dimensional Gachapon, all Appearances can be broken down to several Monster Blood Jade Shard. Use Monster Blood Jade Shard to redeem all Appearances from Other-dimensional Gachapon of this event, as well as Big Cat Voucher Feast.

2. By 5AM on 15 Feb 2021, lighting up all Appearances from the Other-dimensional Gachapon in Adventure Handbook during this event will allow players to complete the Magical Meow’s Gift quest and receive the exclusive mount Sephiroa Slag x1.

Power-Levelling Quest

Event Duration

26 Feb 0500HRS ~ 23 Mar 0500HRS

25 Days

During a limited time, reach the 3rd and 4th job to claim rewards.

Event Details

During the event, players who unlock multiple jobs under the Slayer class will be able accept the quest Get Strong Quickly!

Within the limited time, reach the 3rd crossover job to collect the God’s Forging Box – Curse Gauntlets x5, and Praying Card Pack x10;

Reach the 4th crossover job to collect the special crossover costume – Slayer x1 (shared 1% ATK and M.Atk unlocked by wearing the costumes obtained from other-dimensional Gahapon)

Use Negative Energy to redeem crossover-related items:

Pointless Mask
Izlude’s Sashimi Platter
Shapeshifting! Octo! Pus! (Toy Collection)
Zelgadis Avatar
Amelia Avatar
Xellos Avatar
Naga Avatar
Gourry Avatar
Lina Inverse Avatar
Eight-claw General Monster Egg
Octopus on Head
Slayers Big Gachapon Voucher (Feast Voucher)