Warpportal Account Password Change Update

Hello Everyone!

Please know that for security reasons, as of 4/14/2021, if you have not logged in to your WarpPortal account for 90 consecutive days, you will need to reset your WarpPortal account password the next time you try to log in.


For information on changing your Warpportal Account Password, please see our knowledge base article: https://support.warpportal.com/kb/a348/how-to-change-or-recover-the-wp-account-password.aspx?fbclid=IwAR1H3LrklOr387i2UF8QGPiJiu1vU_T9BEuEx3aHHVSx5Z188OD3w9ZltgI


*This affects Warpportal Account passwords ONLY, game accounts will not be affected by this change.


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